Why Choosing the Right Contact Lenses is Essential

Contact Lenses

Are you planning to switch from spectacles to contact lenses? You’ve probably made the right decision to set you free from carrying frames throughout the day. Wearing contact lenses is a convenient option if you choose the right pair and adequately care for them. Contact lenses help in vision correction and are available in different colours. Many people, without any refractive error, wear lenses to experiment their look with different eye colours. You can portray a distinct personality with different eye colours like brown, grey, green, blue and more.

Contact Lenses

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There are a variety of contact lenses available at https://www.contactlensesplus.com/ so make sure to pick a suitable pair for your eyes after consulting an eye doctor. Find below the main categories:

  1. Daily Disposable Lenses
  2. Monthly Disposable Lenses
  3. Soft or Rigid Lenses
  4. Bifocal Lenses

You should essentially choose a suitable pair for your eyes, as a few specifications differ from individual to individual, which depends on various factors, like:

Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle plays a significant role in deciding the type of lenses you should choose. If you need to move out daily, buying monthly disposables will be a better and cost-effective option. Daily disposables will be a good option if you move out occasionally, as they require less care and can be disposed at the end of the day.

The Sensitivity of Your Eyes

If your eyes are sensitive and easily get infected, daily disposables will be suitable for you. Wearing the same contact lenses for several days might further aggravate the infection despite storing them the right way. If wearing lenses causes irritation or redness, you can simply take them off, and resume wearing when eyes get back to normal.

Type of Defects

Depending on your eye defect, you should choose amongst soft, rigid permeable or bifocal lenses.

  1. Soft lenses, made from hydrogels can be used for correction of usual refractive errors. They are comfortable to wear and lets the right amount of oxygen to pass through.
  2. Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses are suitable for people with astigmatism and other refractive errors. They are not as comfortable as soft lenses but provide a sharper vision.
  3. Bifocal lenses are used for treating problems like presbyopia.

Amount of Care

If you regularly take care of your lenses in the right way, you should opt for monthly disposables. You just need to be careful while wearing and storing them when you take off and clean them daily to remove all the dirt.

Required Sharpness

Usually, people who’ve undergone surgery or have major defects will require lenses to provide a sharper vision. Using rigid permeable lenses is the solution to it. Due to their rigidity, they maintain their shape even when you blink, thus, providing a sharper vision.

Frequency of Travelling

If you travel often, you should wear monthly disposables along with carrying a spare pair. If you use daily disposables, you might run out of contact lenses on your trip if you want to extend your trip or for some other reason.

Confused about Switching to Contact Lenses?

You need not overthink before switching to contact lenses. They give you the freedom to live an active lifestyle, without any worries about breakage. They do not need any constant adjustment, once worn, you can be care-free all day by just keeping away dust and other particles from entering your eyes. 

To get the best quality lenses, you should consider buying them from reputable retailers, like Titan Eyeplus. They offer contact lenses from all top brands, like Bausch and Lomb, Johnson and Johnson, etc. They are known for their products’ authenticity and the after-sales services they provide, with trained consultants’ support. You can browse their website or visit your nearest store.

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