Bring new life into your CSS

Bring new life into your CSS

Creativity does not belongs by born. So using CSS pretty much anything that can be done using your feelings. Make your interest in depth and you will be easily drawn to the next big thing. The same rule follows web industry. Days by day the world of CSS is exploring that you considered previously.

Here are some tips of CSS:

  • With box-shadow create particle animation
  • Transform animation
  • Make circular menus with CSS
  • Animation on link hover
  • Same with ‘box-sizing’ make the box model
  • Make 3D effects with shadows
  • Use SVG for backgrounds
  • Have you heard ‘will-animate’?
  • Add quick animations input fields
  • Aligned image vertically center with CSS
  • Match your images with website color and combination
  • Target a bank of related objects
  • Use hyphenate-limit-chars to enable minimum length of a word
  • Writing-mode gives you advantage for direction of text flows
  • Background gradients can be looked perfect using with borders and bullets.
  • Use simple key-frame animations
  • Don’t use CSS variables
  • Use calc() for positioning
  • Make 3D transitions to focus users
  • Share a small space in last row in a grid
  • Play and pause CSS animations

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