Boosting your career prospects with a degree in commerce

degree in commerce

Do you know as a commerce graduate you can earn between $40,000 and $90,000 per annum?

Pursuing a commerce degree in Canada can be an attractive option if you are good with numbers and want excellent career prospects, particularly since the country started the world’s largest immigration plans for working professionals. However, working in the commerce field is beyond normal number crunching.In fact, corporations are now looking at commerce graduate as analysts. As a result, after completing a degree in commerce, there are now many opportunities available to graduates, particularly in Canada. In addition, Canada has 22 universities with respectable world rankings.


Commerce has always played a vital role in business since the rise of trading in human history. However, those who worked in the field were often limited to roles in accounting and bookkeeping. Commerce has since developed and is part of many different aspects of business.

Finance is closely linked with commerce and helps to shape the future of any organisation. In more recent times, digitalisation has helped many industries to grow at a rapid pace. Now more than ever, commerce is in demand across many industries and countries.

Below are some of the potential career paths you might choose if you have studied commerce:

Business economics

Business economics is the study of how markets work and the laws of supply and demand.


The term ‘accounting’ can refer to many different practices. Ultimately, it refers to the process of keeping company financial records.Areas of practice includecost accounting and financial accounting. Focussing on accounting will help you to obtain positions such accountant or business analyst.

Business finance:

Working in business finance is about using finance as a tool for conducting market research and understanding the financial structures of a business. By obtaining a graduate degree in commerce with specialisations, you could be on the board of directors at a top firm. Roles that you could apply for include: investment banker, chartered accountant, account manager orauditor.

Being a commerce graduate opens you up to a world of opportunities. This article will now examine the benefits of becoming a commerce graduate.

  • Good job security as commerce is fundamental to business;
  • Careers with high pay opportunities;
  • Many independent specialisations to choose from giving you flexibility including CA, CS and ACCA;
  • Jobs are not limited to one industry. You can work in a number of sectors including: healthcare, construction and real estate, education and banking;
  • Jobs available in lots of locations.

Countries to study an undergraduate degree in commerce in

United States of America

When it comes to studying abroad, there is a lot of competition. Though is are a wide choice of programmes available in the States, fees and other living expenses will be quite expensive.

United Kingdom

The UK has a long tradition of providing commerce education. The UK offers various types of qualifications in commerce including diplomasand PhDs. There is also a very active student community in the UK. However, securing a job can be tough as there are many candidates.


The education system in Canada ranks as one of the best in the world. Nevertheless, the tuition fees are one of the lowest by comparison to other similar ranking universities in other countries. The Government of Canada offers a variety of commerce related courses.

Another benefit of studying a commerce course in Canada is that it is a multicultural country. Whilst studying in the country, you may find other people from your culture and community. Finally, Canada has pledged to take in over one million immigrants in the years leading up to 2021. As a result, there are high chances of getting a goodjob after you finish college. This article will hopefully enable you to find an appropriate direction for your career search.

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