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Yun Nam Hair Care is a Singapore-based Company that manufactures hair care products for both men and women. The company has recently gained recognition all over the world due to its superior quality products. YunNam Hair Care products and services include shampoos, conditioners, treatments, removal solutions, and lotions.

Hair Care Products

1. Shampoos

This is one of the best products and services of Yun Nam Hair Care. Their shampoos are known to have a good effect on treating hair loss, split ends, dryness of the skin, sunburns, and other skin-related problems of the scalp. Yun Nam Hair Care claims that its product can be used for all hair types.

Ginseng S-Series

This Scalp Revitalizing Treatment was made to provide both men and women with an all-natural way to make their hair thicker and healthier. This herb is not very well-known, but it’s very effective when treating hair loss and thinning. Furthermore, it’s said to stimulate the scalp to promote blood circulation in that area. And when there is more blood flowing into the hair follicles, it becomes much easier for them to grow thick and healthy hair strands.

Charcoal series

It is made to help eliminate white and grey hairs to enhance the health of one’s scalp. It is said that the charcoal used in this product will remove harmful toxins from both one’s scalp and hair. As a result, many people who suffer from serious forms of scalp issues such as itching and flaking have been able to turn to the use of this product, and it is said that they’ve been able to prevent their symptoms from reappearing.

Max hair Shampoo

Max hair Shampoo is one of the best-sellingproducts of Yun Nam Hair Carein the entire Singapore, this is because it works for almost everyone, regardless of their unique hair type. This product provides a deep clean that does not strip away essential oils necessary to maintain the health of one’s scalp and strands. Therefore, it can be used by individuals who are dry.

2. Air conditioners

Another key product of Yun Nam Hair Care is hair conditioners. They have the following conditioners:

Max Hair conditioner

This conditioner is made of nutrients from fruits and oatmeal to keep your hair healthy. Not only will it give you a shiny, silk feeling in your hair, but it also helps with split ends.

Not only that, but you can use this for washing your face or body if need be! It’s all-natural, and not too expensive.

Refreshing Apple Conditioner

This conditioner is made of fresh apple juice (100%), honey, and other various ingredients to make your hair healthy. Not only does it make the ends of your hair silky smooth, but it also helps with split ends.

Not only that, but you can use this for washing your face or body if need be! It’s all-natural, and not too expensive

Jasmine herbal conditioner

It is a conditioner for all hair types. The light scent of jasmine will leave your hair with an earthy sweet fragrance. Bring out the beauty in your hair with this herbal blend.

This is another great product of Yun Nam Hair Care conditioner that smells wonderful. It has a light, clean fragrance that isn’t overpowering. The consistency is very good, not too thick or thin. It’s easy to apply and does not have any problem being rinsed out of my hair. My hair feels silkier after using this re-conditioner compared to when I use other products.

3. Lotions

Products and services of Yun Nam Hair Care are the best when it comes to hair lotions. They have hair dyes, hair treatments, hair removal creams/gels, hair foams, and other salon products to make sure you get the best look ever. The following are some of the great products and services of Yun Nam Hair Care in hair lotion:

  • Hair Nutritional Lotion
  • Hair Renewal Lotion
  • Hair Cleansing Lotion
  • Protein Essence
  • Herbal Hair Tonic
  • Max Hair Essence
Hair Care Products


Yun Nam Hair Care is introducing its superior quality hair care products and services all over the world. Yun Nam Haircare products are manufactured from high-quality ingredients and help maintain healthy hair growth, restore the natural color of the hair, remove split ends, reverse discoloration caused by ultraviolet rays, etc. Information about all products and services of Yun Nam Hair Carecan be obtained from their website.

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