Best Debit Cards for Kids and Teens in 2022

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So you wanna teach your kids finances? Well, then the topic of this video is one of the best possible tools that you can get to assist you in that ordeal. It won’t be an easy journey even with it, but that’s just how it is, since when was anything good ever easy? The difficulty is fine and can be accepted considering how big the payoff is of having a financially literate child. We all wish we would have had that knowledge far earlier and avoided mistakes so why not correct it with the next generation? Let’s get into some of the best options we can find on the market today so that you can narrow your choices down and spend less time searching and more time teaching and parenting.

What we’re looking for

Before we cover the options let’s just quickly cover some of the things we’re looking for in these cards so that we’re on the same page. The basics would be detailed parental controls so that you can monitor and control all activity and enough interactivity to keep the attention of the kids. If possible then investing for kids is always a nice bonus that you can get a lot of mileage from.

Prices are an important point and of course, we’re looking to keep them low while still retaining as much quality as possible. It’s a bit of an idealistic idea, but striving for the best possible option is what we’re trying today, so idealism is the name of the game. Lastly, another nice bonus is any other features that may be unique to that specific card which we’ll list on a case-by-case basis.


Off the bat, you’ll notice how streamlined everything in the app is which is good for both you and your kids. The cost is nice and low at $3.99 per month, and there is an incredible level of control available to you which is possibly the most important thing that we can list. You’ll notice that you can do almost anything, it’s one step away from being able to wish new features into existence so the safety level is impossible to understate.

They’re one of the most popular options with many people for a reason. The funding options are also varied enough to make sure that almost any option you enjoy will be usable, and there are alerts for pretty much everything which keeps you informed at every moment so that you don’t need to actively monitor as much as with most other options.

Greenlight Kids

Another excellent option. While it may have slightly worse options for monitoring and control than the previously listed card, it is an absolute all-rounder. There are no spots where it is below average which is a feat that is hard to accomplish with any kind of product, especially one as competitive as these cards.

It’s slightly costlier than some other options, but we believe it to be worth it given the level of quality they provide. There is also a built-in learning system and the ability to give automated payments for completing chores and other activities. The feature list is far too great to list everything here and it’s hard to find flaws.


This one is more suited for teens than the previous one but it excels at the job it has set out to do. It’s very interesting to see that they’ve chosen to be a slightly more niche option and blown away most of the competition in that niche, mostly beaten out by other cards when it comes to younger kids but being an incredible option for teens.

The cost is fair given the service, and the customer service is great and always available no matter the day or time of day. There is also a decent level of education available in the app which is always good to make use of. Overall an excellent option.


It can always be hard to search for tools to aid in tasks as important as teaching kids such valuable lessons so we hope that we’ve managed to make your job at least a little bit easier so that you can make sure they learn everything they need to at an early age and worry less down the line.

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