Best 7 Non Designers Help to Create Website Design

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Everyone is designing a website or want to create one. It can be for your business page or blog post. Gone those days when you had to hire a website designer to create your website. Well, you just need to know how to use HTML but don’t worry if you don’t know how to use HTML you can still design your website by yourself. You just need to add a few tricks and rules to create a beautiful looking website whether you are a professional or amateur. Web and graphic design companies are hiring IT techs for creating their webpages. With few skills, you can also become the master to design a website you don’t need to put extra effort to design a website. Here we will look into a few tips which will help you to create a website design for the non-designers.

Your Motive

You need to decide why and for whom you want to design your website. It can be for your business or some brand promotion or simply just for your blogs. You need to choose your design for each differently. You need to have a clear vision so you can attract the right audience with your website design.

Choose Your Colors

Color plays an important role. It can trigger emotions and changes mood so you need to choose your design color very carefully. Every color you choose for your design will indicate something different to your audience. To choose any harsh color that may affect the eyes. You might not be a painter but a little knowledge about color can make your design give a whole new look to your website.

The Right Font

Words can be powerful and choosing the right text design is crucial. Deliver the right message and don’t try to make it much complicated for your audience. Limit your text keep it simple. You also need to choose the right font type for your website design. Use a dark font with light tone backgrounds and be consistent with your text font. You need to keep in mind that most of your audience are Mobile viewers so use your font that is readable for mobile users.

Images and Logo

Adding a few images that will describe your website for the right purpose. Images can make your website look more real. Through images you can describe a story or convey an idea to your audience. Don’t flood your website with images. The one thing that will make your website look more unique than any other is adding a logo. Adding a logo can attract a lot of audiences. The first thing anyone will see when they open your website is the Logo so you need to make it creative and colorful.

Balance Your Design

Everything needs to be balanced in life. Balancing your website is very crucial or it will affect your whole design and it will make it unpleasant for the audience. Balancing is simply aligning your text, icons, images, and the whole background of your website. It will make it look decent and will catch the audience’s eyes.

White Space

Leaving a white space or negative space could make a big difference on your website. White space doesn’t always mean a white blank space it could be any color. It can look more pleasing to the viewer if used properly. Try to use white space to make your website look more eye-catching.


Everything should be creative that what makes something look unique. Try different colors, text, images, icons to make your website look different. Play with different styles. Creativity is the key to creating something new. Experiment with your design until you create something unique. These are the few tips that a non-designer can use in their website design. Excellent web and graphic design company are trying something new every day to create some unique designs for their brands. You will learn something new with every try so keep practicing and keep putting your ideas to create your website design.

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