5 Benefits of Solar Lighting for Parking Lots: How to Save Green and Go Green

Solar Lighting

Imagine you’re the project manager of a corporation and you need to open a new store. We’re sure it doesn’t take chump change to see that happen, especially when it comes to matters of public lighting. Sometimes even the most mundane projects can cost several thousands of dollars–permits, trenching, manual labor, the works–and receiving a bill in the mail for such a project doesn’t sound like something you’d want to wake up to. We get it. That’s one of the reasons Greenshine New Energy is in business; to solve problems by reducing bill size and frequency. How do we do it? Through the power of solar lighting for parking lots. Take a few minutes to read over our brief introduction to solar and the many hidden benefits you can enjoy.

How to Reduce Your Bill Size and Frequency

It’s easier than you might think! Solar lighting excels at many things, most important of which makes decisions a little easier. Each solar light in a parking lot is self-sufficient, meaning it doesn’t require a grid-tie or connectivity from another light or power source. Every solar light’s power source is the light bestowed from the sun! Through the photovoltaic effect, light strikes a silicon solar cell and knocks electrons out of the photons (units of light) that strike the silicon panel. The electrons are then diverted to batteries mounted on the solar light poles that store energy until it’s needed (usually night-time). Sensors in the light fixture detect that light isn’t hitting the panel as much anymore, and so they activate the light. Voila! The solar light for a parking lot works!

But how does this affect money? The most apparent reason is solar lights don’t use energy from the power grid, so there’s no energy bills every month. Put the money towards an office party in celebration of saving money. But the second and more lucrative reason is solar lighting for parking lots doesn’t need a trench to connect the power. These bright behemoths have saved corporations several thousands of dollars because they skipped the trenching bills! You save money and reduce your bill frequency. Kind of a win-win situation to us. In addition, these lights can be placed virtually anywhere, even areas without access to power. Don’t worry about how far you’ll need to trench and pull power–it’s already included in the whole package (as long as the sun is still around).

Earn Money Back!

Surprise! Not only can companies save several thousands from solar parking lot lighting, they can receive money back via tax incentives. Let’s say your solar lighting system totaled 30 thousand dollars. In 2020, you can earn 7,800 dollars back through the federal solar tax incentive, reducing your entire purchase to 22,200 dollars. Save on trenching, save on bills, make money back. That’s more of a win-win-win situation to us.

In addition to earning money through the solar tax incentive, there are plenty more opportunities to make money with your solar investment through the DSIRE site. Be sure to check the listings for your state so you can maximize your earnings with your solar lights. Who knows, perhaps your state has so many tax incentives that you’ll earn back over 50% of your initial solar investment! We love that about solar–it tends to earn people money.

Green Energy Gets the Gold

Often times companies that make green choices get some fringe benefits–the first is a reduced carbon footprint. With today’s energy drain across the world, the effect of burning fossil fuels has taken a toll on the environment. Just look at heavily-polluted locations and we’re sure you’ll understand! Being a part of the world’s effort to conserve energy tends to turn heads. We’ve even seen some cities and businesses get featured in the news for making the decision to switch to solar lighting for parking lots. What can we say? Green gets you publicity on top of making money and enhancing safety for commuters. We think that’s a win-win-win-win situation.

Enhance Safety with Solar

We need to get back to basics. A major purpose of using solar lighting for parking lots is for safety purposes. Commuters need to get from point A to point B while being able to see and be seen. It’s a simple concept, but one sorely missed when the concept isn’t implemented into a real-world situation. You can make the choice to be a hero by installing these lights for the masses and ensuring high safety in lots. With extremely bright Cree LED fixtures, these parking lot lights will illuminate everything as if it’s daytime. Many of our completed projects are in parking lots for businesses and the owners of the lot couldn’t be happier with the results.

Solar Lights for Parking Lots: A Wealth of Benefits

We hope this brief overview of the benefits of solar lighting for parking lots is enough to whet your appetite for green energy. We appreciate you taking your time out of your day to learn about how green energy can really help your business or city thrive. At Greenshine New Energy, we’re proud to bring you industry-leading lights to save you money and reduce the carbon footprint. Our solar panels are built from highly-efficient monocrystalline silicon solar panels. We use hot-dipped, galvanized steel poles to support our Cree LED light fixtures and solar panels. Drop us a line if you’re interested in learning more about what we have to offer–it really is a “bright” idea. Thanks for reading.

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