Basic Knowledge You Should Know About Argon Gas

Argon Gas

Argon gas is one of the inert gases that is found in the atmosphere. The gas has no colour and no odour as well. This argon gas has different kinds of applications and is used in various sectors. Argon is the third most copious gas when compared to others. It is mainly used in the welding industry.

One can find various argon gas suppliers for their needs, and they should have expert knowledge about the storage and handling of the gas. The various uses of argon gas are:

  • Healthcare industry: This gas is used as lasers for the treatment of retinal people who have diabetes. Argon gas is also used to treat heart-related problems like heart arrhythmias.
  • Lighting: Argon gas is used in the lighting of neon lights. This argon gas is also used in incandescent lights to prevent decaying the filament in the bulb.
  • Food industry: This gas is also used in food and drinks like wine to replace the air. This helps the wine from turning sour and leading to oxidation.
  • Manufacturing: Argon gas is used in the welding industries and casting. It is used in arc welding like a shielding gas and even in tungsten inert gas welding operations.

Other uses and applications of argon gases are used in cinema filming photography, holography, microscopy, medical-related etc. 

What are the various storage tips for argon gas?

Argon gas itself does not cause any fire. The containers might cause fire and explode. The argon gas suppliers take care of storing and handling tips, and one can look into the various services they provide. One must take care when they are storing the argon gas.

A few of them include are:

  • The argon gas contained in the cylinders must be stored properly. They must be stored in a well-ventilated place, and they should be secured. It must be stored to prevent other weather conditions.
  • The parts of the cylinder should not cross the limit of 52 degrees centigrade. The place should be free of volatile materials. One should never heat the cylinder at more temperature.
  • The cylinders must be stored in a place with no emergency exits and the areas where it is heavily travelled.
  • The argon gas cylinders should not be stored with empty cylinders. The empty cylinders should also be labelled as ‘empty’ to not mix up with other cylinders.

What are the handling tips for argon gas?

Storing argon gas while handling it is a very important aspect that should be considered. Therefore, one must follow all the steps for handling the gas and the various handling tips for handling argon gases are:

  • The cylinders containing argon gas must never be handled roughly like drag, slide or roll them. They should be carried in a hand-truck for a safe carriage.
  • One must never lift the cylinder with the help of the caps available on the gas cylinder.
  • One must never insert other objects like a screwdriver, wrench etc., into the cylinder cap. Inserting such objects inside the cap must damage the valve. Instead, one must use specially designed wrenches to open up the straps.
  • The valve on the cylinder must be opened carefully to avoid any gases from coming out as the gases open up with high pressure.

One must follow all such handling equipment tips for handling the argon gas in the industries. However, these few techniques will help one from causing damage or explosions that can harm other members if these tips are taken very lightly.

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