Avoid These Top 11 Common Mistakes That Every Angular JS Developer Make

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Angular JS Developers may have the best practices in hand, but most of the time, the issues arrive because of the approach towards the practices. To put the best practices into life, they often do not follow the standard methods and make these common mistakes.

According to a survey from Stack Overflow, Angular JS is the third most preferred web framework. As technology continues to upgrade, developers across the globe are trying to improve the current technology. However, that doesn’t mean Angular JS will not give you sleepless nights. To rip the complete range of benefits of the framework, you need to get used to the common mistakes and avoid making them.

Top 11 Mistakes Every Angular JS Developer Makes

Here are the top 11 mistakes you should avoid –

  1. Failing to unsubscribe
  2. Involving jQuery
  3. Unable to use available tools
  4. Not organising codes
  5. Endorsing the same component in every ngModule
  6. Manipulation of DOM
  7. Making use of client-side pagination
  8. Irrelevant commit messages
  9. Failing to examine
  10. Forget using Batarang
  11. Improper use of event handlers

i. Failing to unsubscribe

Angular JS developers often use subscriptions for events in the application. However, the problem begins when they forget to unsubscribe. This results in memory leaks in the entire system. In addition, continuous new subscriptions are a risk to data security.

As an Angular developer, ensure you have great control of the subject fundamentals. In simple words, whenever you are not using electricity, you tend to switch off the power. Similarly, whenever you are not using a service or component, unsubscribe.

ii. Involving jQuery

Developers use jQuery for developing mobile and web applications. It is a standard library that allows developers to manipulate DOM. However, when it comes to Angular JS, jQuery is not the ideal solution.

Angular JS developers often forget this simple fact. Angular JS itself has many features that can adequately solve problems by using third-party libraries. Thus, jQuery is not needed when it comes to solving issues in Angular.

iii. Unable to use available tools

When an Angular development company hires a new developer, the most desired parameter during the hiring procedure is to observe how effectively the Angular developer can apply distinctive development tools available in Angular.

Some of the familiar tools whose knowledge is necessitated are Protractor and Test Whiz. And if the company hires a developer who can not employ these tools, it will be an expensive mistake as applying these tools is required.

iv. Not organising Codes

When a developer operates with Angular, the essential issue is distributing codes into smaller components to make error tracking a smooth task. But not all developers can do that. And one of the reasons behind it is that AngularJs works with MVC structure, and it has the tendency to place a large quantity of coding elements at the controller.

As an AngularJS developer, organising your codes is the essential thing to do, and this is where top professionals end up forming a miscalculation. The entire development life cycle involves the equal distribution of codes into small cubicles or compartmentalising. As a result, it becomes way effortless to track things down ( errors) and work decently on each one of them.

v. Endorsing the same component in every ngModule

One of the most frequent mistakes that AngularJs developers make is declaring the same component in multiple NGModule-s. The reason behind it’s that they need to declare each component in its own NgModule, and to make it available for the views, it must list it in the @Ngmodule.declarations array.

The developers forget that if they want to declare the identical component in multiple modules, they must reckon the association between the modules. For example, they should see that the modules have a parent-child relationship with each other.

vi. Manipulation of DOM

Directly altering the DOM is the mistake Angular development service providers often make. However, as we know that changing the DOM is a usual function. While the developers are using the JavaScript platform, they should take care of the following things –

  1. As the context of the page changes, refresh the title of the page
  2. Execute SVG
  3. After a validation error, concentrate on controlling the system

The list of these possibilities may go on as per the requirement of the system or the working manner of the system. Consequently, whenever a developer finds such situations in the platform, they should instantaneously find an effortless escape and manipulate the DOM. And if the developer does not want to change the DOM directly, they can apply jQuery as a global document object.

vii. Making use of client-side pagination

Data rendering helps the Angular development organisations maintain the representation of bulk data in the app. However, when they apply client-side pagination for the maiden time, they have to load the entire data of the application. Consequently, if the data is less, then loading is easy, but if it is more then, it becomes laborious to load the data. The other option for this is server-side pagination.

By applying server-side pagination, the developer can substantially solve this issue. In server-side pagination, the system can hit the specific page number and load the particular page’s records as per the command.

viii. Irrelevant Commit Messages

A single irrelevant commit message can sometimes alter the entire code as it can mislead the code reviewers. Additionally, it remains correspondingly challenging for the AngularJs developers to find the specific part where they need to revert the new alterations.

 Therefore, It would be best for the developers to avoid giving irrelevant commit messages and not to forget to follow proper standards from git.

ix. Failing to examine

The developers overlook examining the application before launching. It’s one of the most common mistakes that Angular JS developers fabricate. They don’t see to it that there might exist bugs that get found by many environments. Consequently, they don’t have to obtain an environment with each operating system. But they require to examine the app by employing cross-browser app testing tools.

As an Angular developer, you need to understand that reviewing is as significant as developing something. Strange and unexpected bugs are found only when they are tested in different environments.

x. Forget Using Batarang

Batarang is a Google Chrome extension that AngularJs developers use to create and debug Angular apps. For example, when the developers want to apply Batarang to abstracting scopes where they find out that the arguments are restricted, Batarang can be genuinely helpful. But the majority of the AngularJs developers fail to apply this extension tool, which can be a considerable slipup.

xi. Improper use of event handlers

Angular is one of the best technologies for developers requiring to add the functionalities they found on predicted data, such as adding a button that depends on user input. However, the standard rule of the Angular framework is to place all the logic and display it in the proper order. As a result, this doesn’t go with the traditional rules of the Angular framework.

Companies are constantly under pressure to meet customer deadlines. This can force the developers to give an excessive number of assignments for the controllers to perform and blend rational layers, bringing about a code intended to execute much more within a given situation.


Making Misjudgments while coding is very usual with any developer. However, sometimes it happens that developers write the code, and when they check it after several days, they can point out various slipups in it. But the challenge arises when the developer cannot detect their mistakes, and later the end-users face challenges in using the application. Hence, avoiding the above-listed mistakes and being additionally alert while creating and debugging an app can help the AngularJs developers. If you are learning Angular through AngularJS tutorial, this is an excellent time to understand what mistakes are not to be made.

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