Are You an On-Road Traveler? Here’s What to Look for in Your Car

On-Road Traveler

Nothing compares to a long, relaxing, picturesque road trip with your friends, family, or even alone, listening to old country music, singing along the road, and enjoying the landscapes.

If you’re an on-road traveler, you already know the importance of choosing your car wisely to make every journey convenient and to drive your car comfortably knowing that it has all that it takes. 

The thing is that not every car you see on autostradas and roads is ready to handle long and difficult road trips.

So, before you dust off your bags and suitcases, prepare a ton of sandwiches and snacks, or create your shopping list for the voyage, make sure your current car -or the one you want to buy- has these features.


Ok, so for me -and maybe for most road travelers- the first thing I think about when I’m planning for my next trip is the seats, cause as you know, you’re going to set for a very long time there, and you don’t want to end up having a back or necklace, believe me, it will ruin your trip.

So, go for the cars that have a capacious salon or at least a soft and comfy-seater car so you can spread your legs freely, stretch, and avoid any annoyances, especially if you’re planning to sleep in the car during the night.

Another matter to consider is the capacity of your car, it’s for sure a deal-breaker if you’re buying the car to travel with your family or with a group of friends.

Sound System

When I’m traveling in public transportation, I don’t really worry about their sound system quality because I always carry around my headphones wherever I go to save myself from inconvenient music genres, or low-quality speakers.

On the contrary, when you’re in your own car, you have a complete sound system at the tips of your fingers to serve your needs and desires as you wish!

Check the car’s speakers by playing your favorite song to assure that the sound is convenient and clear.

Another important thing is to make sure the car’s sound system has Bluetooth, AUX input, and an FM transmitter.


This one is obvious and in my opinion, it’s a must. I mean, a car with comfy seats and a good sound system is a thing, but if it’s slow then it is not reliable, almost everyone likes to drive at a high speed.

I hate slow vehicles that I would sell my car the next day if it’s not as fast as I want. When you’re an on-road traveler, the last thing you want is a slow car that kills all the fun and wastes your time.

Make sure your car is efficient, fast, and safe for you to drive.


Your car and any car should provide safety features like airbags, a pre-collision system, a backup (rear-view) camera, an anti-lock braking system, automatic lights, seat belts, and more.

Also, a child lock system is a must if you are traveling with a child.


  • Ensure your car is strong enough and won’t break down in the middle of the street because you’ll be driving it for very long hours and sometimes days.
  • A big trunk for your luggage, food, drinks, and everything else.
  • Take a look at its efficiency, towing capacity, and technical characteristics.
  • Don’t forget to check if it has a cooling and heating system, you don’t want your family, friends, or yourself to end up freezing or feeling really hot in your car.
  • What is the car MBG? Check how many miles per gallon does your car gets on the highway.

Road trips are straight-up amazing, so whether you are a solo traveler or you tend to group travels, enjoy your time during this journey, don’t forget to drink plenty of water, listen to good music, and take good care of your vehicle to maintain a high car value.

Finally, whatever the car you’re planning to buy, keep in mind that the pre-mentioned features are not a must, they are only to give you some insight into how to choose the ideal vehicle for your upcoming adventures, because, at the end of the day, every car owner/buyer has his/her own needs and preferences, and although choosing the right car is really important to experience an extraordinary journey, remember that no one car has ALL the needed solutions and features.

Author: Sultan Asad from We Buy Cars DXB

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