Vintage Cars, Why Are They Still a Go-to in 2021?

Vintage Cars

Vintage cars are a living example that the quote “Old but gold”  wasn’t said absurdly! These cars never go out of style, and never fail to wow anyone who rides them.

You can drive a 50-year-old vintage car and still enjoy its features, strengths, and speed because these cars were made really well that they will last for a lifetime unlike the cars of these days that will serve you only about 8 years.

So, what are vintage cars? Are they a good investment? And what makes them so special? Let’s take a look. 

What are vintage cars?

Vintage cars, in general, are old automobiles, it is said that what qualifies a vintage car differs from country to country, club to club, and group to group, so there are no specific classification criteria set for uniting various cut-off points.

On the other hand, car enthusiasts and collectors believe that vintage cars are the ones produced from 1919 to 1930.

Notice that there is a difference between classic, antique, and vintage cars, classic cars are vehicles over 20 years old, antique cars are over 45 years old, while vintage cars were built between 1919 and 1930 as pre-mentioned.

Are vintage cars a good investment?

People adore vintage cars because they were part of their childhood memories when all the family used to go for long, happy trips.

That’s why so many people like to relive these memories now by purchasing their childhood dream vintage car, especially that they have the needed amount of money and the right to drive a car, i.e a driving license.

This is one of many reasons why these movie-star cars are still in demand these days, and this makes them a high gain in the long term.

Unlike new cars that depreciate about 11% just the day you buy a new one and continue to depreciate the more time you own it, vintage cars value rises about 17% in one year, and 500% in 10 years!

So it sounds like a good idea if you’re thinking of selling your current car to get a vintage one like Rolls-Royce Phantom I Jonckheere Coupe (1925), Bugatti Type 35B Grand Prix (1925), Duesenberg Model J (1928), or Mercedes-Benz 710 SSK Trossi Roadster (1930).

What makes vintage cars so special and what features do they have?

Well, there are many reasons to own a vintage car whether in 2021, or 1919, and even that every car owner has specific preferences and requirements that he/she wish to have in his/her car, vintage cars would still fulfill a wide range of any car buyer needs.

So here are three of the most special features that make these cars amazing:


Although there are different tastes and preferences, vintage cars never fail to wow everyone when you drive them down the road, it grabs the attention of everyone, girls and boys, young and old, literally everyone. It does not go out of style and it’s very recognizable that you can even find it in the parking lot between 200 cars! 


Can you imagine that new car buyers tend to change their car every 5 years? Vintage car owners won’t sell their cars and purchase a new one easily! And that’s what makes them rare and exclusive.

A vintage car owner looks at his/her car differently, they don’t care about efficiency, speed, or other factors that are important for other car owners, vintage cars owners care about the experience, art, history, and engineering.

So because these cars are really old and limited in supply they are exclusive, even if you have a good amount of money, it might be hard to find a vintage car if you want to buy one.

Well designed

New car manufacturers depend on computers and robots to produce identical cars in no time, while vintage cars were produced manually to be timeless and universal by a craftsman who is experienced, professional, and knows how to add a sense of uniqueness to the car using only simple tools.

So vintage cars aren’t just old and beautiful, they are a lifestyle, and the rarer your car, the more valuable it is, so whether you already have a nice vintage vehicle, or saw one driving down the street, remember to stop for a second and appreciate this piece of art.

Author: Anshed Mulla from Sell Your Motors

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