Are Dating Apps Worth It in 2022?


Finding love on a dating app has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? No matter what you are looking for, chances are you can find it on that sensitive touch screen you hold so dearly. Blind dates and the internet are the ultimate duos, making dating apps.

It is your turn to make the first move – simply install any dating app and let digital cupid work its magic. Online dating has come a long way since the days of (the world’s first online dating website). Apps came on the scene, and thus began the age of swiping.

Fast forward to 2022, and dating apps’ transformation is nearly complete. Whatever taboo that remained in online dating has evaporated. On top of dating apps, we now have apps to help you improve your chances on dating apps. It is a party, for sure!

Despite the good time, you can’t help but wonder: are dating app users getting blinded by the good parts? What about the not-so-good parts of online dating? Let’s be real – online dating apps are not always perfect. Are dating apps worth it in 2022? Here are some trends to consider:

More Streamlined Match Making

Speed Dating Toronto are getting smarter. With AI and Machine Learn technologies becoming more refined, a few lines of code will be able to spot a dud a mile away. When love meets technology, the dating app user is met with a smoother ride along the way. Case in point: Hinge.

Made for Women Apps will Boom

Women (the most vulnerable population on dating apps) are going to make their mark everywhere in 2022 – and that includes changing the dating scene. Think about it for a minute: who better to make the dating app experience better than the women themselves. Case in point: Bumble.

An Emphasis on Background Checks

It is no secret that dating apps have attracted their fair share of weirdos and would-be serial killers. With the mountain of bad experiences piling up, these digital match makers are at least making an effort to be safe: providing criminal background checks. Case in point: Tinder. You can also visit The Absolute Dater to find out which apps are worth your time and which ones are scams.

Letting Loose on Dating Apps

Whatever your deepest, darkest desire: there is a dating app for that. As a flurry of LGBTQ+ friendly dating apps opened the floodgates for swipe-happy users, open-minded and sex-positive apps have popped up for like-minded people to connect. Case in point: Whiplr.

A Focus on Diversity

Dating apps are becoming progressive too. They are speaking out about racism, with promises to listen, learn, and do better to create an inclusive medium to find love. It’s no longer a matter of looking for the bare minimum for people of color. Case in point: Soul Swipe.


If you are done turning down fools at the bar or ditching blind dates with a friend of a friend, chances are your hunt for love is headed for the web. But is it really worth it in 2022? As it turns out, yes! You just need the right mindset and tools for the job.

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