How to Keep Your Car in A Fine Fettle?

Car Fine Fettle

It is vital to ensure that your car is in perfect condition is one of the best things to do. Regular car maintenance increases your car’s lifespan and gives you value for your money. Every car owner is responsible for making sure that their car is in sound condition by taking proper care of it.

Every car owner needs to know the car maintenance essentials. If you’re looking to learn how to keep your car in tip-top condition, this article will be of great help. By the end of it, you should have mastered the best insights to ensure your car is in fine form.

Here are the best tips.

1. Windscreen Wipers and Screen Wash

Your windscreen wipers are critical to your car. You need to check them regularly to ensure that they’re in working condition. The first thing is to check the rubber blade using your fingers. It would be best to run your fingers on it to check whether there are signs of a split on it.

Next is to check whether the wipers are in the right position. Test them and ensure that they’re both moving and cleaning your windscreen sufficiently. Next, you need a screen wash for your windscreen. You can manually clean your screen by mixing vinegar with soapy water and using a rug to clean it.

2. Tire Tread Depth

Car Tyre

Tire treads aid in braking and gives your car the stability it requires on the road. It is vital to check your tires regularly to ensure that they’re in perfect condition. To better assess the wheels, turn the steering wheel to make the wheel you want to check turn outward.

Tires have treadwear indicators that should guide you to know if they’re in perfect condition. Your tires need replacement if the tire indicators have begun to wear out. It’s not only about wearing out; you also need to check if there are any cuts or exposed steel on your tires.

3. Tire Pressure

Driving without sufficient tire pressure can be risky. Besides risking your car, you’re also at risk of a serious accident due to low pressure. Thus, you need to check your tires from time to time to ensure that they’ve enough pressure before hitting the road.

Thankfully, many of the cars you’ll find in car dealerships near Monroeville, PA come with tire pressure monitoring systems. The system tracks every tire and alerts you if there’s one that is going a little flat. You can also purchase a home pressure gauge or have the checked at a gas station.

4. Oil Level

Checking the oil level before setting on a journey is a no-brainer. Driving a car that’s lucking on oil amounts to damaging it and making it costly to repair. Besides, using oil that isn’t recommended for your car can also be risky and costly.

The process of detecting your pill level is simple. First, you need to switch off the car and then ensure that it is stationary on a leveled ground. Check for the dipstick in the bonnet, pull it out, and wipe it. Return it into the same hole, then pull it out. Go ahead and see if the oil level is between the high and low markers.

5. Lights

Car lights are like eyes; you cannot move without them if there’s snow or darkness. Thus, you need to confirm that they’re in perfect condition every time. It is advisable to check everything from the parking, brake, indicator, reversing, and full beam lights.

You may need someone else to stay outside the car as you switch them on. They’ll help to determine whether all the lights are working properly. If not, you can park your car close to a wall and observe the lights yourself or even use a camera to record them.

6. Engine Coolant

Can Engine

The engine needs cooling when the temperatures are high or it has traveled a long distance. Thus, you need to ensure that there’s enough coolant fluid for the engine. This fluid is in a coolant reservoir located in your car bonnet.

The reservoir is clear and has low- and high-level indicators to guide you. You can easily top up the coolant fluid if it falls below the required level by opening the reservoir. If the tank is empty, ensure that you add some to your radiator too.

Visit Natrad if you’d like to know more about car and radiator repair.

7. Windows and Mirrors

Windows and mirrors protect you and aid the driver’s vision both in front and behind the car. You should check to confirm if they’re in perfect condition. Windows and mirrors can easily crack, get chipped, or be completely damaged if you do not check them often.

Most cars nowadays come with electric windows, which can be prone to failure. So, you need to check your wiring often to confirm that there’s the power to move the windows up and down. The inside of your windows can also look dirty from a condensation residue that accumulates over time, so clean them too.

8. Battery Maintenance

The battery is one of the essential components of any car. If your battery isn’t working, then your car isn’t too. Thus, the first step for you is to confirm that the battery has sufficient charge to start your car. Besides, you need to check if the plugs are in their correct position.

Your battery can also die if you park your car for 10 or more days. You should at least ensure that your engine runs every week to maintain your battery charge. Another way to ensure it maintains charge is using a trickle charger to top the charge when you’re not going to use it for days.


As a car owner, maintenance should be top of your priority list. How well you maintain your car determines the quality of service, you get from it. We have listed the main steps in ensuring a car is in mint conditions above. This checklist has the best tips to help new and old car owners maintain their rides.

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