All About the Benefits of Helpful Harassment Training Video

Harassment Training Video

There have been several voices raised against harassment in the workplace, and this has been reverberating across industries. The message from the same is very clear that sexual harassment training should be a priority for all employees and not just supervisors and managers. Nowadays, companies have become very conscious of the safety of their employees, and they have started incorporating harassment videos as a part of their training module.

Training is one of the major pillars of a holistic approach. Every company invests in preparing a training module that will not only help in imparting information about the function of the business, but at the same time, it also helps in educating the employees about their rights and duties. If everyone is responsible for contributing to a safe and respectful workplace, then it follows that all employees should participate in training which provides the skills and knowledge they need to understand the interrelationship between preventing discrimination, harassment, anti-retaliation training, bias, and other workplace conduct and creating a positive and inclusive work environment.

There are several benefits of helpful harassment training videos for the employees. They are as follows:

Strengthens your workplace culture – Training can help and support strengthening an organization’s culture by communicating its overall goals, values, and policies in meaningful and creative ways that motivate individuals to act ethically while protecting the organization & its reputation. Moreover, it creates a sense of safety and security for the employees working in the company.

Increase the right awareness of acceptable and unacceptable behavior

In recent years, workplace harassment has been a pervasive problem. The overall ability to recognize several forms of misconduct is a crucial step in motivating the employees to respond when they experience & observe the same. Training is one of the most efficient and effective ways to raise awareness of the various types of unacceptable behavior from the obvious to the subtle and then remove the uncertainty regarding what is and what is not appropriate behavior. Through the several case studies and realistic examples, training can very well clarify the gray areas & demonstrate the unwelcome conduct, which goes unchecked.

Sends a strong message from the top

For the training sessions to be more effective, it is also important that every employee must participate in the training, thereby ensuring that the message from the management is rightly delivered to every employee. With the helpful harassment training videos, you can ensure that there is zero tolerance against such acts in the organization.

Empowers bystanders

With the support of leadership, bystander intervention training could prove to be a game-changer in the workplace for sure. Bystander intervention training with helpful harassment training videos can create a sense of collective responsibility on the part of workers and empower them to be engaged bystanders in preventing harassment in the workplace. Bystander intervention training provided individuals with various ways they can stop or disrupt harassing behavior, while also extending support to his or her coworkers or colleagues. Importantly, the bystander role is a positive one which provides individuals with various perspectives on the effects of harassing behavior not just on the target but on others.

Encourages reporting

Several incidents of harassment, as well as discrimination, go unreported, which can eventually result in a toxic work environment. This can also lead to lower morale as well as productivity, hurt recruiting and retention efforts, and negatively affect the relationships with the partners, customers, and others. Training can prove to be an effective tool for encouraging and educating employees in order to report incidents or potential problems. Making helpful harassment training videos as a part of training curriculum will motivate the employees to report such cases.


In today’s world of the complex workplace environment, this is essential that the employees at every level and location understand how to recognize unacceptable behavior, how to report the same, and how to respond to and support the coworkers & colleagues who are susceptible to encounter harassment. The helpful harassment training videos are great tools used in training and to enhance the level of awareness.

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