Running an RV Business: 3 Businesses You Can Run From the Road

RV Business

Did you know that there are 1 million Americans living in their RV’s? Traveling in an RV across the country is no longer limited to retirement. Thanks to the internet setting up an RV business is much easier than most people think.

Keep reading to learn some businesses you can run from the road while you explore the country.

1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are able to offer their talents and services to small businesses that can’t do it all. A virtual assistant can execute anything that can be outsourced like copywriting, social media, invoices, emails, blogging, etc.

What’s great about this, is that you can obviously do this type of work from anywhere you want. The more work you have the more money you will make and eventually you can even hire other virtual assistants as your workload grows.

The key to growing a virtual assistant business is to know what areas you are able to provide value for a potential client. Make a list of your skills to help you figure out what services you can offer.

2. Video Production

If you can produce videos then you can start your own video production business and make your RV a mobile office. The great thing about having an RV is that you can travel with all of your equipment in it and meet clients in different states. You will want to make sure you choose the right size RV to fit everything you need, from a reputable place like Leisureland RV.

This gives you the freedom of filming anywhere in the country and editing the footage from wherever you park. If you do not have any experience with producing high-quality videos you will have a small learning curve, but once you get some practice in, this is a business that can become very profitable because video is booming.

3. Content Strategist

If you are already familiar with social media then why not make a business out of it? You can offer to schedule content for clients to help them grow their online presence, or write blog posts to help them get more content out there in the virtual world.

For a business to get noticed they have to have consistent content across social media platforms. Businesses also need blogs with consistent informative articles in order to have search engines like Google recognize them as a reputable source. The typical business owner can’t do it all and needs to hire someone or a group of people to take care of all things content-related.

Ready to Run an RV Business?

Now that you have our different list of business ideas, which RV business is calling your name? If you want to not only work and occasionally see a new place, then building a business or working from an RV will make sense for you. It will give you the freedom of traveling, seeing the world, while still making an income.

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