Top 10 Advantages of developing a website from WordPress

Advantages of developing a website from Wordpress

Want to start a website? Well, you basically have two options, either to go and hire a professional coder and get your website coded or to go to platforms like WordPress and make your website yourself. This is a problem that almost everyone faces, but this article might help you with your choice. In this post, we will explore top 10 Advantages of developing a website from WordPress.


WordPress is basically developing a blog platform, but it is also used to develop websites. It is one of the most famous among such DIY platforms. Some of the advantages of using WordPress are-

  • Dynamic – WordPress started as a blogging platform, but it has evolved ever since. It has evolved into a complete content management system. The theme makes the platform even more interesting to use. Also, it is one of the easiest platform to use. You can create several types of sites with WordPress. Not only website you can also create mobile applications so as you can see, it is no longer a simple blogging platform.
  • Free – The biggest plus point of WordPress is that it costs absolutely nothing. The features that it provides might make you believe that it is impossible for it to be free. But the logic behind is that WordPress is not owned by a person, it is open source and is managed by a group of people from all around the world. The updates are very effective and contain a lot of plugins. Last words, even after WordPress is super awesome it does not cost a single penny now and never.
  • Ease of use – When you get your website, you might just wish to change certain things without consulting the website designer. WordPress is so user friendly that there is no problem even for the non technical enthusiast to make a change in their website. Using it is as easy as using a text editor.
  • Reliable – Listening that WordPress is managed by many people might make you question that the quality might be low. But the reality is quite contrary, the community is made up of many professional coders who regularly test the updates and make it better. Many people have a high investment in WordPress as they depend on it for their business. They ensure that it works perfectly fine and that it has best of the features.
  • WordPress can actually be scaled – Seeing that it is free many big organizations might feel that they need to go and spend money to get something more professional. But they might just be a little surprised that WordPress can actually grow with the company that uses it. For a startup to multinational companies all can use it. The reach of WordPress is such that it alone serves for around 23 billion pages across millions of websites in a month. You can at least be assured that you are not using a useless product.
  • Secure – No one wants to expose themselves to the cruel hackers. Especially if you have sensitive data. The truth is that if you put your data online, then you are already inviting hackers to get your information. As WordPress is one of the most popular CMS information on it is already more prone to theft. And this is also known to the coders in the managing community. They know the tricks of the hackers and team up and make it secure.
  • Better search engine ranking – Websites made on WordPress theme are 70-80% already ready with SEO mechanics. This makes them favorites to the search engine. It gives you a perfect head start ahead of your competitors. The search engine ranking is primarily based on what type of platform is used, WordPress provides you with the base from which you can rise to the next level.
  • Mobile friendly – The number of people accessing the Internet from mobiles are more than the people accessing Internet from desktop. This is the reason why there is a need to actually pay heed to the situation. Google does not display the website on the mobile search if the website is not responsive. Visitors use different devices to access your website and hence the feature of WordPress to auto scale is very helpful. Hundreds of themes and plugins available in WordPress make it responsive on the go.
  • WordPress supports teamwork – If it is an organizational website, you need to have a team. WordPress gives you the ability to set the reach of the positions that it offers. There are a lot of plugins that make organizing things quite easy. If you wish to assign a role that is not available on it by default we can even add it. The content flow and organizing things become easier to monitor.
  • It is there to stay – At the back of your mind you always wish that the technology that you use must remain in the market. You got your wish fulfilled by choosing WordPress. One of the founders clearly stated that WordPress is going good and the next goal is to make more and more websites use WordPress and also to make it even more robust and secure. Moreover, the graph of WordPress in every field is going up, this shows that it has come to the market to stay.

Final words

WordPress is one of the most user friendly content managing systems in the market right now. The amount of the knowledge that you require in this is very less, whereas the product that comes out is satisfactory. The best part of WordPress is that it has a great number of professional coders backing it up. The code is growing more and more robust. It basically solves all the problems of an entrepreneur.

It is free, hence is cost effective; it has regular updates, hence is always up to date. Even big companies like Microsoft use it on their websites. You at least can be assured of the product when you yourself can make changes in it. Even now if you do not wish to use WordPress, it is a humble request to at least give it a try and then decide if your own experience.

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  1. It is always great to work with wordpress because it is user friendly. This article is a great one and every perks have been mentioned very neatly here. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. WordPress is considered as one of the most common and popular CMS available. Developing the WortdPress website is also easy and it involves easy steps. In this blog, you have nicely described the benefits of developing WordPress websites. Anyone who is thinking to design website on WordPress can go through this post to gather knowledge how WordPress is helpful for websites.

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