A Guide for COVID-Safe Business Travel in 2022


In spite of all the changes that COVID has caused in the world, business must go on. For companies, that means trying to maintain their standards for how they operate through the pandemic. While the last two years have made virtual conferences necessary and remote work necessary, many businesses are desperate to get back to operating as they did in the past. Continue reading to discover ways for employees to travel safely as the pandemic and new variant of COVID 19 surges.

Although companies have claimed success with virtual conferences, many understand that partners and employees need to see one another for the push towards working harder, learning from colleagues, and camaraderie. That is why businesses are thinking more about safe travel so that their employees can get together soon.

For employees, travel is always one of the best perks available. Packing a bag and essentially hopping on a plane is a welcomed break from day today. However, COVID has made it necessary to make safety the name of the game.

When it comes to getting employees to their destinations safely, some travel options for companies to consider are outlined below.


Depending on how far away the destination is from a company conference, driving or carpooling may be one of the safest modes of transportation. In addition to knowing your vaccine and medical status, in a car, it is likely that you know the passengers’ status as well.

One of the benefits of driving to a conference is that you can be flexible with your arrival and departure. If you are presenting, or playing a major role, you can put everything you need in your car instead of having to ship it weeks prior.

Another benefit of driving is having your car close enough for sightseeing during the evenings. When you fly into town, unless the company rents you a vehicle, you are pretty much stranded at the event location.

If there are more people leaving from close to you and carpooling is an option, maybe the money that your company would have spent pre-COVID can be spent to get you and your passenger a luxury rental car. That will make traveling more enjoyable and save the wear and tear on either of your cars.

An even better option for more than one passenger from the same area is having the company hire you a car and driver. That way, you and the other passenger can ride together, enjoying the scene, sipping champagne, or closing your eyes and relaxing.

Private Jet

A large part of a company’s excitement for conferences is the revenue, recharging, and getting the boost of inspiration that they need to refocus comes from conferences. That means they are ready for the expense that comes with the conference or other business dealings.

Although a luxury private jet charter is expensive, the personalized service cannot be topped. Companies are prepared to spend money on the extravagant event of a conference. Other benefits of chartering a private jet include:

  • Getting to your destination in luxury.
  • All work documents can go with you.
  • Traveling by jet is hassle-free.
  • You can arrive closer to your destination.
  • Jets are pet-friendly.

First Class Commercial Air

Part of your experience of traveling during this pandemic is safety. However, depending on where you are going, comfort is also a big part of that trip. Your job should accommodate your willingness to travel on a first-class flight.

Although that means different things on different airlines, part of the first-class experience includes pre-flight services, free checked bags, extra legroom, privacy screens, and other perks that make first-class worth the price increase.

Additionally, being one of the first on and off the flight means you aren’t exhausted when you arrive at your destination. You are fresh, ready to lead or learn and enjoy the business trip.

Stay Safe At Your Destination

As important as it is to get to your destination safely, it is just as important to remain safe while there. As tempting as it may be to pull your mask down so others can see your smile, you should remain safe, vigilant, and protected while you are away.


As you have read, as businesses work to get back to normal with business travel in 2022, it is important to stay safe. Some ways to travel safely are listed above and should be considered when making travel arrangements.

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