A blog to Help: Why a Company Needs a Corporate Online Blog

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There is a widespread belief: if a company website has a corporate blog, it signals to the user: “They care about clients”. However, most business blogs look like a graveyard of dull articles, the content of which is not interesting for the readers. It feels like many companies care about the mere fact of having a blog, rather than the benefit it can bring.

Do we need a blog at all?

A blog requires certain financial and resource costs, and the result of these investments is often not immediately visible. Not everyone always needs this tool, but there are three situations when you need it and when, with a competent approach, you can reduce the cost of advertising, attracting and retaining customers. So, a blog is necessary:

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1. If your product or service is something complex, high-tech, or very expensive

For fundamentally new goods, products, services demand has not yet been formed. Audiences often do not know why they need it. For example, you launch a service for drafting contracts online, which will help users save money on a lawyer. But people may not know about this method, and out of habit go to the offline office. In the blog of such a service, you can tell why you need the product, how it works, what resources it saves – that is, to expand the horizons of potential customers.

Buyers of complex and high-tech products may have similar questions. They may not know about some of their features that make life easier. Many questions can arise after the purchase: how to configure, how to use. A blog in this case will look like taking care of customers, supporting them at every stage of contact with the product.

Very expensive products, as a rule, do not buy just after seeing an advertisement. Before parting with a large sum, people read a lot, compare, think. A blog in this case is one way to explain your benefits to turn potential customers into real customers.

2. If you work in a niche where customer trust and loyalty are important

We’re talking about medicine, consulting, and any other person-to-person services where consumers want to know who will serve them and how. Clients are more likely to turn to those with whom they are familiar. For private specialists, it can be more profitable and easier to keep a group or a page in social networks. But for companies, it is better to tell about their employees and their competences in a blog – this can give a greater coverage.

3. If the image component is important to your business

Many companies, especially large ones, conduct blogs not only to stimulate sales but also to form an image. This is something like your own media, where you can publish information without having to pay for placement or comply with the standards of someone else’s publication. But if you don’t have enough content, you may just use news sites to promote your new features and news.

In general, an interesting blog will be useful for any company that has something to say to customers and has enough resources. But if you don’t yet understand what you can tell your audience, or your budget for content and promotion is minimal, it’s worth thinking hard before you start. A blog with low-quality articles doesn’t have the desired effect: no audience loyalty, no sales, and no increase in awareness of your services.

Yes, it can bring traffic from search engines due to text optimization, but why do you need visitors who will never become customers? Traffic growth without interest in the content is only needed for sites that make money selling places for banner advertising. They do not need people to read texts, they need visitors to come and see the banner.

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