8 Top Collaboration Tools For Agile Design And Development Teams

Agile teams are the future of corporate teamwork. They are modeled on agile methodology wherein a team manages projects by breaking them into multiple stages. This not only ensures perpetual communication with team members, but also allows constant iterations to improve performance.  In other words, agile teams are typically cross-functional where each member is expected […]

Different Uses Of Data Science Online Training In Our Day To Day Life

Data Science deals with statistics, data analysis, machine learning, and many more methods. It uses various fields which include scientific methods, processes, systems, algorithms. These fields extract knowledge from data in a structured and unstructured form often termed as Data Mining. It includes theories which have the context of mathematics, computer science, statistics, and information […]

Construction Productivity Challenges That Project Managers Should Know About

The challenges in the construction domain are complex and numerous. From labour shortages to possibilities of disputes and rework and constant project cost overruns, there is much that managers have to struggle with. More than anything else, productivity lag is something that can make life tough for them. When it comes to finding what stands in […]

Grow and Transform Your Startup by Integrating Cloud Telephony Solutions

Startups in the realms of big data, artificial intelligence, edge computing and voice recognition showed great promise last year, as did remote healthcare providers and education services. While these domains might be up and coming, the often fragmented nature of ambitious startups – creative, but time-starved—has stayed consistent over the years. However, founders and entrepreneurs […]

Top Reasons Why Identity Verification Matters for Mobile Networks

In today’s world, almost four billion people own a mobile gadget. Everyone has grown dependent on their device to do daily things like online shopping, gaming, e-banking, chatting, emailing, and more. The only caveat is hackers and fraudsters abound, attempting to access valuable information. Mobile Network Operators have beefed up their security with innovative service […]

How Hiring The Right Business Psychology Consultancy Firm Can Help Your Business?

Hiring an experienced business psychology consultancy firm can be a great add-on to your business. It can help you have more time to serve your customers as well as plan on the implementation of long-term business goals. Business psychology consultants can help boost business growth.  Businesses are now being forced to become competitive in the […]

DeveOps Contributes to the growth of Businesses: 9 Reasons you need to know

Speed and performance go hand-in-hand in today’s era of diverse applications. Users stop using those apps that do not give up-to-mark output or fulfill their requirements. Therefore, it has become a challenging task for businesses to develop such products (applications) that live up to the expectations of their customers.  In this competitive age, a lot […]