8 Insider Secrets on How to Increase Etsy Sales

Etsy Sales

In today’s economy, having a side-hustle can really pay off. And with sites like Etsy, it’s easier than ever for anyone to sell just about anything. But all that competition means you have to put in work to stand out from the crowd. 

We’re going to tell you how to increase Etsy sales using some tried true techniques. These Etsy sales tips have helped scores of people ramp up their revenue streams, and they can do the same for you. 

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How to Increase Etsy Sales 

When you think of Etsy, what comes to mind first? Kitschy trinkets? Customized mugs? Handmade scarves perhaps?

While it’s true you will find those items on Etsy, the platform is so much more. Etsy is a revolutionary marketplace concept. Literally, anyone can build a store and start selling wares in a matter of minutes. 

By the end of 2019, Etsy had 2.5 million sellers, with an annual sales volume just shy of $5-billion U.S. dollars. With more people staying home and shopping from home experts expect that number to grow at least 22% over the next three years. Already in the second quarter of this year, there have been 60.27 million buyers on the platform. 

The marketplace is not just for amateur sellers with kitschy hand-made items anymore. Because of the expansion of products, diversity of sellers, and robust e-commerce platforms, Etsy has become a force in the sales world.

But in the sea of 60 million items, what can you do to drive traffic and increase sales on Etsy?

1. Use Product Information Management 

Oftentimes when running an e-commerce site your inventory data end up scattered across locations, saved as different file types, or lost to the ether. Using PIM, or Product Information Management software can help solve this problem.

PIM software can serve to drastically improve the quality of your product information.  All product data is centralized to one location. Multi-user management features allow contributors to access product information as appropriate.

With PIM, the whole team can rest assured knowing the unique data source has the most reliable and up-to-date version of product information. This is super important. Consider that 98% of shoppers won’t buy an item that has a mismatched product description, and 50% of online shoppers have returned items where the product descriptions did not match the product received.

2. High-Quality Images

The importance of product images can’t be overstated. Having a great product photo can make or break a sale. According to Etsy not focusing on photography is the number one mistake sellers make.

A few options to address this are to hire a professional photographer, invest in an excellent camera and some lights, or at the very least use a camera that has at least 10 megapixels and a macro setting. If you can’t afford to hire professionals, you can opt to watch a few YouTube videos for shop photography inspiration. 

A half-decent photo is still better than no photo at all. But according to the platform and top sellers, photography is worth a little extra energy.

3. Write Intent Based, SEO Optimized Descriptions

A good Etsy sales strategy will optimize your shop’s SEO. Etsy has a useful guide that tells you more about using SEO on their platform to increase Etsy sales.

In short, you know what you are selling and who or what it would be good for. Use this knowledge in how you craft your item descriptions. Use relevant keywords, and think about the shopper’s intent; who is the gift good for, when or where could they use it, is it seasonal, etc…

Most importantly, review your content on a regular basis. If sales are in a slump this is a cheap and easy way to make changes. 

4. Mine Other Platforms for Keywords

If you have a hard time figuring out how to optimize for search engines, play on other platforms. For example Pinterest. You can start to type a keyword and see what else auto-populates as you type. This gives you insight into what other users are searching for.

Having insight into what people are looking for helps you help them find it in your shop and can increase Etsy sales. 

5. Set Up Clear Policies

The data shows that online shoppers want as much information as possible before they make a purchase. Taking the time to lay out clear shipping, return, exchange section may not bring you immediate returns, but it could help you establish long-term customers.

Etsy sales tip: shoppers want to know how returns work when buying online before they make a purchase. If you don’t set this up you could lose a sale. Another cheap and easy way to boost your shop.  

6. Give Payment Options 

The more forms of payment you accept, the better your chances to increase Etsy sales. A recent PayPal study found that nearly half of the participants cited the number of payment options available as influential to their buying patterns.

Etsy sales tip: shoppers want flexibility and options. Accepting multiple modes of payment is an easy way to meet that need and crush your sales goals. 

7. Connect to A Cause

Marketing in the 21st century is about selling stories. Etsy sales tip: find a cause that you care about, or that lots of people care about, and let shoppers know. You can contribute a nominal portion of sales to a cause without hurting your bottom line. 

You will motivate buyers to shop with you because it’s not just a purchase. They are contributing to a cause that may motivate them to buy more. 

8. Offer Express Shipping 

Express shipping is a game-changer. It’s what has helped Amazon become what it is today, and you can capitalize on it as well. 

Offering express shipping will bump you up in the search queries. If you have followed our other suggestions you should be able to convert a ‘look’ to a ‘buy’. Fast shipping can secure your Etsy sales strategy is a success.

Ready To Make Money?

There you have it. When it comes to how to increase Etsy sales these eight easy steps will put you on track to be an Etsy top earner. 

If you are hungry for more entrepreneurial insights, make sure to check out the rest of our content. We have all manner of tips and insights to help you generate success whatever your business is. 

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