6 Best Tips To Get Hired In Amazon

Get Hired In Amazon

Amazon is a name that needs no introduction across the world. Whether it is because of its stock prices or the popularity of Jeff Bezos, the striking reality is that Amazon is one of the most successful and handful companies to survive the dot com bubble burst and emerge as a tech conglomerate.

Adding a feather to its hat, the billion dollar valuation empire has also maintained its reputation among the existing employees and job seekers. Right from its work culture to the just remuneration and flexible norms, the company ensures to tick all boxes when it comes to employee welfare.

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To land a job at Amazon is perhaps one of the biggest career highs one can expect. However, the bottom line here is that you must possess the necessary skills and clear the interview. The recruitment procedure at Amazon consists of multiple rounds, the penultimate being technical and HR interview. If you are planning to apply at Amazon, here are some basic tips based on Amazon Interview Questions on the Interview Kickstart process.

Don’t be underprepared

Often, candidates pay more attention to the Technical rounds of the recruitment process, while completely forgetting the HR round. It is essential to understand that communication is not just confined to the media industry but plays an essential role in all the jobs. Companies are on the lookout for candidates who can put forward their ideas on table and this is what is expected of you in the HR interview. So, while penning down answers for the technical round, you must keep a track to not under-prepare for the HR round.

The company know-hows

Before applying for any opportunity offered by Amazon, it is advisable to learn in advance about the company background. Although this tip is not specific to Amazon and must be adhered to while applying for any job position. Amazon is a highly consumer centric company which holds its values and vision very close to its heart.

Technical expertise

Amazon has a gamut of products and services and it pays you to have a beforehand information of the brand portfolio. Especially if you have applied for a position which is more inclined towards the technical aspect, you must certainly brush up your knowledge on databases, data structures, design thinking, algorithms, and artificial intelligence.

Behavioural assessment

Amazon makes it a point to conduct an assessment to gauge the basic behavioural pattern of the candidate. This can include questions where the candidate is placed in an ethical turmoil or has to narrate an account of a life experience. You can be asked questions of the following pattern-

  • Narrate an incident where you displayed your sense of initiative
  • Where do you see yourself in the upcoming years?
  • How would you deal with an unwarranted peer behaviour?

Knowing your leadership style

A company always looks for people who can be future leaders. In order to gauge the leadership potential of the candidate, the interview also includes questions to assess your leadership style. The questions pertaining to your leadership style could be as follows-

  • If you are given a team of people who are not on the same page, how would you resolve the conflicts?
  • What do the principles of Amazon mean to you?

Prior experience

Most companies are on the lookout for employees who have professional experience. You must totally expect the interviewers to ask questions based on your resume. These questions will centre around explaining the kind of work you have done in the past which would give them an idea of the position you are most suitable in. Soft skills are as important as the hard skills, so make sure to prepare a chronological chart of your professional experience to increase your chances of getting hired. The questions pertaining to your professional background can be-

  • What have been your key competency areas in the past?
  • How can you contribute to the company?
  • Explain your job profile in the last company you worked for.

Interview is the deal maker and breaker when it comes to securing a job at Amazon and these tips can be found at Interview Kickstart on LinkedIn  page which comes in handy while preparing for your big day.

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