5 Ways To Ensure Your Customers Come Back To Your Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce store

Running an e-commerce store can be challenging, especially when there are plenty of competitors in the digital sphere. While it can be tough to be a business owner, you need to look for ways to overtake the competition and get as many customers as you can. 

When it comes to bringing prospects to your e-commerce store, it’ll be best if you could not just acquire new clients but also develop returning and loyal ones. This way, you can guarantee a sale, keep customers happy, and encourage them to share your brand with their friends. 

Listed below are the ways on how you can ensure that your customers come back to your e-commerce store: 

Check Your Website

One of the main reasons people don’t return to an e-commerce store is that they’ve encountered challenges in navigating the website. Some probable aspects where they experienced these difficulties could be in looking for catalogs, scrolling through their mobile phones, or payment processing. 

To eliminate frustrated customers and encourage returning ones, you should conduct usability testing to see how your website flows to different browsers, devices, and users. This way, you can see where your customers are having difficulty with your website, which enables you to fix and address their issues, leading to a smooth online experience. 

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Customers choose to stay and repurchase from a store when they experience excellent customer service from their first purchase. Believe it or not, some e-commerce owners just don’t seem to care about their clients’issues oncethe latter has already paid and the owner had earned a profit from that sale.

When a customer had a recent issue with a purchase from your website, you should tend to their problems and provide appropriate actions when necessary. You can give a refund, return, or exchange of products, depending on your store policy. 

You should check out customer service ideas for eCommerce site owners to gain comprehensive insights into how you can serve your customers better. No consumer would return to a company if they received poor service sincethey’dknow that the company doesn’t care for them. 

Offer Incentive Programs

Who doesn’t like to get freebies? As you run your e-commerce store, it’ll be ideal if you could provide an incentive program where your customers could earn points with every purchase. All they need to do is reach a particular score so they could get the freebie they’ve always wanted. 

It could be sending out a voucher, tote bag, mug, sampler pack, and more. Through this, your customers would be encouraged to repurchase from your website so that their initial earnings wouldn’t go to waste.

With incentive programs, you’d be surprised with the increase of your order value, especially when you have plenty of customers who enjoy earning points in exchange for good deals.

Go Extra with the Packaging

According to statistics, some people repurchase from a store when they have good packaging since they feel that the company already has established their brand, and they take extra care of their customers by making them feel special. 

Apart from picking the best packaging from Box Fox, it’ll be best if you could add some thought into it by including a personalized message just for them. You could write a thank you note about how you appreciate their purchase and help your small business.

To go the extra mile, it’ll be great if you could provide freebies to your customers, such as a small scrunchie, sample pack, sticker set, or anything that matches your brand. These simple gestures would surely put a smile on your customer’s faces.

Regularly Email Your Current Clients

If your customer had given you their permission to send them marketing campaigns through their email, you shouldn’t waste on this opportunity and send them regular updates about your services and ongoing promotions. 


When you send this type of message, they’ll be reminded about your website and consider purchasing again, especially if their previous purchase experience was great. However, you must be careful and not spam your customers too much by emailing them every day, as it’ll only encourage them to unsubscribe to your newsletter. 

To make your email more effective, you could try to make the message personalized as much as possible. You could include your customer’s name and their top picks on your website. They can also check out the things they might want before it’s too late. In this way, they can quickly head on to your e-commerce store and complete their purchase.


While the competition between e-commerce stores is tough, you need to look for ways to earn loyal customers on your store. In most cases, people would return to a business if they receive good service from the beginning to the end. That’s why you should always answer your client’s queries promptly and nicely so that they’d feel important, making them trust you more.

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