5 Ways Poor Leave Management Is Affecting Your Company

Leave Management

Leave management is a self-explanatory word that deals with employee leave requests. It is an essential yet most ignored system in many organizations.

Today, there are various types of leave at an employee’s disposal. And having a track or granting different types of leave manually becomes a painstaking task.

The primary purpose of a leave management system is to make sure the employees enjoy their benefits without affecting the company’s functioning.

A successful and established firm understands the importance of a good leave management system. Therefore, they implement a worthy software that can help them manage & grant leaves in a matter of a few minutes for every employee of the company.

The Leave Management System is basically a cloud-based software that helps the human resource department & management keep track of how many & which type of leave an employee has taken. The software also eases an employee from lengthy, time-taking leave applications.

They can plan & apply for leave well in advance without hampering their responsibilities towards the company. All this can be done from the comfort of their desk or home, in case of sick leave.

Let us understand the effects of improper leave management system –

1. Inefficient Productivity:

Some leaves like sick leave or bereavement leave cannot be applied in advance. Therefore, an employee tends to take such leaves on short notice. In such a scenario, other employees are burdened with work and have to manage their as well as absent employees’ work.

When such unannounced leaves are taken regularly, it lowers employees’ productivity and thus overall working of the company. A proper leave management system will allow employees to have a good work-life balance which can reduce them from falling sick.

2. Rising Cost:

Hiring and training an employee incurs a cost to the company. However, an employee should be motivated in the current position to perform 100% at his job. Enthusiastic employees who are proactive in their job cost more to the company by being absent or unproductive. Improper leave management may lead an employee to not perform at the best of their ability or, in some cases, leave the organization. A higher turnover rate is usually a sign of a poor leave management system.

3. Discouraged Employees:

An employee gets unhappy and disappointed with denial on his leave application. There are times when it is inevitable for an employee to take leave from work. In such situations, when an employee is refused to take leave, there are high chances they feel neglected. They may no longer be committed to doing their job, and as a result, it will affect their performance.

4. Overtime & Burnout:

With an unsuitable & poor leave management system, employees tend to jumble their work schedule. They need to fill in for the absent employee and do extra work. Impromptu leave by one employee makes another employee at work do overtime or give up on his break time.

When employees are regularly asked to cover for others, they tend to burn out sooner. Thus, it lowers their efficiency, and their well-being gets at stake. In case this is a regular situation in your organization, it means your leave management system is not at par.

5. Consumes Human Resource Personnel’s Time:

Without the presence of a leave management system, the company manages the leave manually. This becomes a tedious & time-consuming task for human resource personnel. Whereas, with a proper leave management system, an organization can have software that can automate this task.

It frees up HR personnel and managers from the paperwork, and employees can easily apply on an online portal. Therefore, a proper leave management system can help HR to focus on other important tasks.


“All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy”

The above proverb explains well the impact of a poor leave management system in a company. Without time off from work, a person becomes bored, lacks interest in their job, lowers productivity, and is less committed to the organization.

Moreover, they lead an unhealthy lifestyle with no work-life balance in the long run.

Hence, a company needs to adopt a good and effective leave management system that makes its employees feel cared for, appreciated, and encouraged to perform their best. Since the leave management is done on an online portal, there is no use of paper, which helps companies to do their bit to save the planet.

Leave management software shows real-time data and ensures the company is following all the legalities as per the labour law or pandemic restrictions.

Carbonate is a one-stop solution for all your worries regarding leave management. They offer world-class software to help companies achieve their business goals efficiently. Their leave management software not only provides the basic feature of planning, managing, and applying for leave but also helps in calculating leave quota for the employees.

This means HR personnel are stress-free and don’t have to notify the employee about the count of their leaves. The employees can themselves have a fair picture of their leave status.

Carbonate offers an amazing feature of notifying on any sandwich leaves, which helps a particular department to never go under staff. This feature is beneficial for the smooth working of a department and overall company.

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