Top Data Analytics Projects for Beginners

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For doing a data analytics project, you must have sound knowledge about data analytics. Data analytics is the process of inspecting, removing duplicates, altering, and simulating data to uncover new information and draw conclusions. It has a wide range of business, research, and social science applications because of its many features and methodologies. Data analysis is important in today’s business environment because it helps companies make more scientific decisions and run more efficiently.

With so many advancements in the artificial intelligence field, the surge in data analytics in the last few years will only continue to expand. The best way to be adept at it is to take up analytics projects. But what if you are a beginner and do not know where to begin? This article will help you with and help educate you on the top data analytics project ideas. It does not matter if you are still a student, as there are data analytics projects for students

Types of Data Analytics Projects

Time to get started! The list and description of the projects are given below. As you scroll down the list, each data analytics project’s difficulty level increases compared to the previous one.

Fake News Detection: 

If you know Python, you could use it to create a data analytics solution that can detect a hoax or false news that is spread to further a political agenda. This information is disseminated via social media and other forms of internet media. The model is written in Python and can accurately detect the authenticity of a news item. To create a TfidfVectorizer that can categorise news as “fake” or “genuine,” you may utilise a PassiveAggressiveClassifier.

Exploratory data analytics project (EDA):

As part of their employment, a data analyst must first perform this task. We will use data to recognise and discover patterns in this project. You can produce a summary of the overall features of data analysis using data modelling approaches. EDA can be carried out with or without the use of graphics. EDA can also be done using univariate or bivariate data. If you want to get into a data analytics project, the IBM Analytics community is a great place to start.


Chatbots are an exceptionally valuable tool in businesses because they can handle many client inquiries and messages without slowing down operations. Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning are the three foundations of chatbot design. Recurrent neural networks and intent JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) datasets can be used to train chatbots. You can also use Python for the primary implementation.

Gender and Age Detection:

In Python, you can create an interesting data analytics project that can predict gender and age based on a single photograph. To complete this assignment, you will need to be familiar with computer vision and related fundamentals. 

Credit Card Fraud Detection:

Decision trees, gradient boosting classifiers, logistic regression, and artificial neural networks are required for this data analytics project in R. You may classify credit card transactions into fraudulent or genuine groups using the card transactions dataset.

Customer Segmentation:

Companies need to generate multiple groups of customers at the start of any campaign; thus, it is a common data analytics project. This project employs unsupervised learning and clustering to discover different categories of customers so that businesses can focus on the customers they need. Customers are categorised by age, gender, preferences, spending habits, and other factors. This is done to market more effectively to each demographic.


Working on these newer, more distinctive projects allows you to demonstrate your abilities and acquire confidence. You may believe at first that analytics initiatives must be complicated, but this is not the case. Working on datasets that interest you will allow you to demonstrate your abilities.

To create your data analytics project portfolio, you could start with the novice level and work your way up. To get started on your journey while at home, you can take a data analyst course online offered by Jigsaw Academy. You will be taught how to become a successful data analytics specialist in a matter of 10 months, along with a hands-on project to help give you experience as well as a certificate.

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