5 Trends That Will Change the Delivery Industry In 2021

Delivery Industry

2020 has been a challenging year for the delivery industry with such a drastic increase in demand due to COVID-19. This is an industry that has been steadily growing in recent years, but the restrictions that the pandemic has brought meant that the industry really had to step up in 2020 with many thriving resulting in a huge increase in employment.

So, with such a big change in the industry, what new trends will revolutionise delivery services in 2021?

1. Drones/Robots

Drones and robots have been seen as the future of delivery for some time now and 2021 will be a big step forward towards this. Demand has gone through the roof in 2020 and this will continue moving forward, so having drones and robots automate and offer same day delivery will help shipping companies to keep up with demand.

2. Electric Delivery Cars

Electric cars are becoming more common on the roads as people look to reduce their impact and reduce their driving costs. Delivery companies are starting to embrace electric vehicles which is smart because it will reduce their impact, lower their travel costs and help them to maintain a positive reputation with customers.

3. Same Day Delivery

The days of waiting the best part of a week for a delivery are long gone and these days people expect the option of having next day delivery. Same day delivery is now starting to become more common and companies will be doing all that they can to provide this moving forward to give them a competitive edge.

4. Carrier Choice

It is important to realise that every consumer is different – while some may be willing to pay for same or next day delivery, there might be those that would prefer free delivery and are happy to wait a few days. Retailers need to be able to provide a range of options, which means that carrier choice will be a trend for 2021 and you can find reliable couriers that provide parcel tracking services to help you achieve this.

5. More Food Delivery

Food delivery has skyrocketed in 2020 with people benefiting from being able to get meals and their groceries delivered straight to their door (this can also reduce their risk). This is likely to continue even after the pandemic ends in terms of people ordering takeaways, their weekly food shop and even just a few basics to be delivered.

These will be the main trends in the delivery industry in 2020 and could have a huge impact on delivery services even after the pandemic has ended.

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