Top 10 Successful Businessman In 2020 You Didn’t Know Before

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2020 has been a troubling year for many people worldwide. But that doesn’t mean prosperity is no longer a reality for a savvy successful businessman. In fact, there are a few that have not only stayed on top during the pandemic but thrived, and it is entirely possible you haven’t heard of any of them. Well, you might recognize one or two.

If you thumb through the traditional successful businessman profile, big names like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are at the top of the list. But, without a good publicist, a successful marketing campaign, or a product the public needs and the means to make you want it, do you think you would even know who they are or what they look like?

The New Guard Arises

Successful businessman’s names are their brand. Anyone with a business has to come to terms with that. And your brand is more than just a face or a voice. It goes back to your past, to your social media, and even to your successful businessman story.

Here are the top 10 successful businessman list of folks with a story worth reading.

1. Larry Ellison

The founder and CTO of Oracle, he is not only an American entrepreneur but also a very generous philanthropist. He pledged $200 million to cancer research at USC.

2. Carlos Slim Helu

The chairman of American Movil, the wealthiest man in Mexico, owns the biggest telecom company in Latin America. He also owns 200 other companies throughout Mexico and beyond.

3. Evan Spiegel

Named the youngest billionaire in 2015, Evan is the CEO of Snap Inc, a multinational tech and social media company.

4. Brian Chesky

Do you love AirBnB? Then you need to know the man who Co-founded it. Brian is the CEO, and his company has reached over 500 million people in 191 countries.

5. Mukesh Ambani

This chairman of MD Reliance Industries is an Indian business magnate in textiles, worth $53 billion. MD Reliance is India’s most valuable company.

6. Michael S. Dell

You probably know this name. Dell is the CEO of Dell Technologies. This billionaire philanthropist donated $1 billion to his charity to end child poverty.

7. Sergey Brin

The founder of Alphabet and co-founder of Google is the 10th richest person on earth. He has his sights on a high-tech airship project.

8. Ben Silberman

For the photo-sharing lovers, you owe your happiness and popularity to this young CEO and Co-founder of Pinterest.

9. Marc Benioff

Once the vice president of Oracle and the youngest person to hold that title, he is the CEO of Salesforce, a cloud company.

10. Shantanu Narayen

If you love Photoshop or any other Adobe products, then by this man a cigar, because the CEO of Adobe Systems is only on the rise, now getting involved in cloud systems.


Everyone wants to know how to be a successful businessman, but the formula is simple. Come up with an idea the world can get behind and make it happen. It sounds farfetched but looks at the greats who started humbly, some in a garage or basement but never gave up and are renown globally. Do you have the drive and determination to be a successful businessman?

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