5 Tips for Making Sure Your Apartment Move Goes Perfectly

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When you move, it often becomes necessary to keep a few things in mind, especially if you’re moving for the first time. Even if you’re an experienced mover, it’s still a good idea to prepare yourself for what might come ahead. In order to move, you’ll need a bit of determination and no small amount of focus in order to succeed. If you want your move to be perfect though, you won’t succeed without a few tips from people who have gone through the process a few times. Here are a few tips and tricks, from certified NYC movers, about how to go through a move, and how to succeed at doing it without too many hick-ups.

Talk to Your Landlord

Before you move, find out how long until your lease expires. If you want to move before your lease is up, you might find yourself having to pay quite a few fees, and you’ll definitely get on your landlord’s bad side. Remember, your lease is a binding contract, and like any other contract, you need to respect it. It’s also good practice to give your landlord at least a few months’ heads-up before moving, so he knows to prepare for what comes next. 

Look for a New Apartment

Now that your landlord knows about your plans to move, it’s time to find a new apartment. In the past, people used to find apartments using newspapers or word of mouth, but today, you can most definitely use the internet. Find your favorite renter’s website and start searching, you’ll eventually find something that suits your needs. Other alternatives include calling on the help of a real estate agent, but keep in mind that most require at least a month’s rent to be paid to them for their services, which can get really expensive.

Start Moving by Yourself, or Call on the Help of Professionals

Once you’ve went to a few viewings and found your dream home, you need to start packing and thinking about how you will move your stuff. You can try to go at it alone, but keep in mind that moving isn’t something that you can do by yourself. So, either call on the help of as many friends as you can, and maybe even consider renting a moving truck, or hire a moving company.Most moving companies would be more than happy to handle this part of the move for you. Try to be mindful of scams though, and keep a close eye on any contract you might end up signing.

Deal With Any Remaining Issues at Your Old Place

This can mean anything, from disconnecting utilities to cleaning up your old place and putting on a new, fresh coat of paint. Also, remember to pay off any outstanding debts you might have incurred, such as unpaid utilities and such. A lot of renters end up arguing with their old landlord about the security deposit, but by taking care of your old apartment and leaving it in squeaky clean condition, and also dealing with any remaining outstanding debts, you’ll most definitely get your money back. You can also secure a Mietkautionsbürgschaft, a rental deposit guarantee, to protect your landlord against damages caused by you.

 Don’t Get Frustrated

Moving can be frustrating, that much is certain, and spirits can get heated when dealing with something so complicated. But by keeping a cool head, and maintaining a positive attitude, you’ll always be prepared in dealing with potential issues that might arise. Don’t let yourself get caught up in every little thing that goes wrong. Remember, issues will come up, but by reacting in a positive manner to such situations, you’ll find it becomes much easier to solve them.

Andrew Johnson,
Empire Movers, NYC

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