5 Technology Skills That Are High In Demand In The Freelance Market!

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Freelance: It’s All About Skills

With the emergence of new technology and workspace, the word “freelance” is no alien to us. This free working space has witnessed people of all caste, colour, creed and gender, providing a safe and trustable environment for everyone to come, collaborate and work. This is considered to be one of the most diverse work sectors of all times.

When it comes to technology, the horizon is much more broadened. There are numerous skills that come under the umbrella term technology skills. In this article, we have tried to dive deep into the in-demand tech skills you can acquire and thrive in the freelance market. From people looking to hire shopify developers to mobile and app developers, we have covered it all.

Technology Skills That Are In Demand

1. Application Development And Website Designing

When all the companies, stores and organizations are trying to improve their online appearance, it would surely be the right deed to learn this skill. And guess what, it is the most in-demand skill that tops our list.

Application development and website designing have seen the highest number of calls during the pandemic. Companies willing to expand their business have come online to widen their customers and hire freelancers. Specifically, when the world has been reduced to a screen where you can place your orders online for anything ranging from food to clothes.

If you are fluent in programming languages like C++, Python and Java, then congratulations, you are already one step closer to your freelance journey.

2. Graphic Designing

Imagine an event going to take place and you are given the task to spread the word to all the people in your locality. What you think is the best way that you can do so? Are you going to knock on doors and share the details? Obviously not.

You are smart and will circulate a poster that gives all the minor details about the event such as venue, date, time and the audience. This is the similar case when it comes to organisations and firms. They hire graphic designers who can design posters, brochures, event lists, flyers and much more.

If you know the basic UI/UX design skill, then you can design many complex websites and apps to give it an enhanced look keeping in mind the fundamental understanding of colour correction, age-colour relation and layouts. You can also get hired to design logos, and gain high-paying gigs in no time.

3. Data Science

Not just from the freelance perspective, but data science is one of the most demanding jobs of the time. The knowledge of algorithms and handling raw data can fetch you many well-paying gigs. This skill requires a good understanding of logistics and analytics with mathematical ting. Data science combines mathematics, Information Technology (IT) and Business analytics.

Whether a newbie or expert, you can still work in this field and get better paychecks. As a data science freelancer, you have a lot of flexibility in choosing project selection, time management, and pay of your choice. It’s also an amazing option for beginners who want to gain more hands-on experience by executing real-world projects.

One of the most sought-after careers that can be carried out from home is that of a data scientist, and by 2028, employment in this field is expected to grow by 16%.

4. Blockchain And Crypto

It won’t be a surprise if you know about this or atleast have heard the terms, they are as famous as a pop star. Being the hot topic of the hour, Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and bitcoins requires understanding and knowledge of the digital world and its unique laws.

Features of Blockchain that benefit freelancers include: Transactions are recorded in an immutable and safe manner. The immutability of Blockchain is a key aspect. It enables the secure storage of a large number of transactions and contract data. As a result, the hackers are unrestricted.

The compensation of a Blockchain Developer in Freelance Consultants ranges from 5.4 lakhs to 11.5 lakhs.

5. Ethical Hacking And Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is increasingly becoming a primary priority for most firms, resulting in more job openings and opportunities for online security specialists. It is one of those industries where supply is expected to outstrip demand.

To prevent online malfunction and stealing of databases. To transfer data, almost everyone employs a range of online services. This poses a threat to the security of the data. Most internet firms acquire and keep sensitive data, which is protected by cybersecurity experts.

They frequently hire freelancers who break into a company’s system and check its security. They then write reports in detail that outline areas for improvement, which are then given to the security specialists, whose job it is to put the improvements in place.

The world of freelance is ever-evolving and so is technology. These suggestions were chosen based on the demands and requirements of the new businesses. So if you are willing to start your freelance journey, don’t be intimidated; all it takes to succeed in this industry are the practical talents you will acquire with time. And if you have prior experience working as a freelancer. Don’t be afraid to push your boundaries and test our suggestions. Try it out and judge for yourself.

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