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There are many resources out there on how to find and purchase servers for your business or home online, so it can be hard to find the right electronics company for business, yourself, or your family. Servers can make everything run smoothly so you don’t have to try so hard to get the job done and can focus on the task at hand.

The United States Air Force runs warehouses full of servers that are known to be three-times the size of a regulation football field. That’s nearly 18 trillion terabytes of digital information and storage at the fingertips of one of the world’s largest military industrial complex superpowers. If it’s good enough for the government, it’s good enough for you.

In the last decade, the sale of and distribution of computer desktop servers and other kinds has increased by about 10%. You can click here to learn more. Some computer specialists believe that in ten or twenty years that it could potentially be triple that. Before the cost of servers skyrockets, don’t you want to ensure your business is set up for success?

If you’re a little hesitant to pull the trigger, fret not. Luckily, the process for finding and purchasing the right servers for your needs can be as easy as the click of your mouse button. The following are just a few frequently asked questions.

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What is a computer or network server?

A server, otherwise known as a “host”, is a computer program or actual, physical, tangible device or piece of equipment or machinery that provides or performs a service to or for another computer program and its user base, which is otherwise known as the “client” or “clientele”. It can be a dedicated machine or a regular computer.

There’s a certain model called the client/host programming model. It’s a host program waiting and fulfilling the requests of the client’s wishes from their desired programs which may be running in the same or other computers. Any given application in a computer can possibly function as a client application for your host.

Some companies charge an arm and a leg for less than ideal equipment. With the trends in where server prices are heading, we may be in-store for a renaissance of affordable and reliable host equipment from some of the world’s most well-known and respected companies. This makes the potential for small businesses to grow exponentially a possibility.

The word “server” refers to both a physical machine and a virtual one. It can also refer to software that acts as a host inside of a computer, performing services that one typically does. The definition unfortunately varies widely, so before you press that purchase button make sure you’re in for the correct item or, at least, that you can return it!

Who uses computer or network servers?

Most reputable businesses with more than one desktop computer run off of a host in one way or another, whether it is from the cloud or from physical infrastructure in the establishment itself. They are an easy and affordable way to add space and ease to any company interested in joining in the future.

While Yelp and Google are, or can be, typically great sources for testimonials and reviews of companies, it’s best if you can address any questions or concerns you may have with a server or host company directly. The hosting community is full of very friendly, helpful people that love to review things and scour the web in search of all open-ended questions that they can answer with their abundance of knowledge.

There’s a lot of lingo and specific language used by people in the industry. Follow this link for more terminology: so you can talk it up at the next get together at your local watering hole. It’ll be impressive.

In terms of what to look for in terms of the host computers themselves, there are a few different aspects to consider: cost per desktop and level of user friendly applications.

What companies make servers?

Both Chinese and American companies are well-known creators of good quality electronics, specifically in the network and data storage arena. You want to avoid any unknown retailers with brand names you can’t pronounce as scammers are constantly replicating authentic electronics for paltry ones.

It’s best to use your best judgment when overlooking reviews and item details for hosts and the like you may be interested in purchasing. Sponsored content from the manufacturers are becoming more commonplace, though public opinion typically says that it should be illegal.

Any online merchant or trailer that is attempting to sell you equipment in person or on the street is most likely not a reputable seller. The products are most likely either wrong, not working, inaccurately labeled, uncertified, or stolen. Only certified sellers should be trusted when making big-ticket purchases like this.

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