5 Steps to Learn Basics of Songwriting


Nowadays its become a habit of people to listen to a Song while traveling, working and doing any work. Although it is not a good habit. High-sounding songs have a bad effect on human mental health. Writing a song is a skill. As the song is unique itself similar to this its process is also unique. The song is written by the proper guide. Songwriting depends on the organization of songs that how the different sections are arranged in it. Genius is a big platform lyrics having a combination of music and lyrics in a proper way.

Elements of good Songwriting:

In the Good song, some elements must be present.


Harmony is the progression of the chord in a song. The melody and harmony of the song are interlinked with each other. A good songwriter knows how to handle Harmony and Melody together.


Vocal lines and the instrumental riff in the song have defined the melody.  It is a tune, A good melody is the requirement of your song if you want it to be attractive.


Lyrics are the most important element in the song. Good Lyrics can take the song high. Most of the writers write the song with the focal point of their songwriting process and others integrate them with the song of their own.


Rhythm is not on;y related to the songwriter it is dependent on each member of the band from the songwriter to the drum patterns of the guitarist. The full team must corporate with each other to make the proper rhythm in a song. It is an integral part of the song.


 There is a proper format to follow while writing the song that is: intro / verse / chorus / verse / chorus / bridge / chorus. Besides this, there are also many formats that the different songwriters follow to write a good song.

5 Steps to Write a song

To write a good song you need practice and good knowledge about it. You have to start writing a song from simplicity then take it to the complexity as much as you can. To write a good song you have to follow some of the steps to make your song hit and popular.

  • Without any preparation just record your song on the smartphone or try it with some instrument. For this step, you don’t need any advanced knowledge of songwriting. Although many o the songwriters always take the initiative from improvising. Try this chorus melody and some lines on the instrument. This song will become the foundation of your upcoming songs.
  • Now you have the melody, the next step is to find the chord that supports your melody. For this purpose, you have to test your melody that is improvised with the different chords. For this purpose you have to get a little bit of knowledge about the theory then it will become easy. If you don’t know the theory then you have to do many trials and face bulk of errors.
  • You have the melody and chords so the next step is to write each section of the song separately. The first section is the leading one for the rest of the melody and directly with the chorus. But some songwriters don’t go from the first chorus to the second chorus but they directly jump to the second section.
  • The fourth step in songwriting is the addition of lyrics. When you reach this step, you have done with the melody, chords, and the writing of sections. To add the lyrics in a song, you have to be flexible, because all the lines do not end with the rhyming couplet. The clear image and the Unified themes affect your lyrics and then the rhythm. You can also get the lyris from the genius lyrics.
  • The last is to give a title to your song. Most of the times songwriters don’t give any title to their song until they complete the songwriting process. You can write the name of a song from the memorable lyrics.

After writing a song by following these 5 steps of songwriting, you are ready to record your song on the computer or phone. And when you feel your song is complete now record its polished versions in any studio professionally. You can also find a free song with a good lyrics on the genius lyrics.

Tools used in songwriting:

  1. To learn all the pieces of music terms meaning a hand music dictionary require.
  2. Autochords are required to adjust the patterns and progressions in the song.
  3. For learning the chords of a guitar, Uberchord is required.
  4. Hum, in which you can record the song. LANDAR for sharing your song privately to get feedback.
  5. There is a free app to write the songs that contain a handy organizer and a rhyming dictionary, it is Lyricsmith. By using this app you can search your lyrics easily.


Writing a song is not an easy task but it will become easy if you write the song by following all the rules and steps that are mentioned here. Proper use of rhythm lyrics and words makes your song popular.

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