5 Most prominent roadblocks to link building

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The building links take time since it has some planning, and you are required to be dedicated to success. First of all, never underestimate the need for good and qualified assets on your website, especially when it comes to building links. The building link content will aid others in acquiring valuable information to the readers to reach and engage their main targets. From there, you can aim at strengthening the authority that you have to help in building authority for various users. Assets involve things like articles, service, pages, products, research information, and your firm’s profile. Therefore, it is good to create content with influencers, and never should you look down upon it.

Secondly, the problem that you will have to deal with is the on-site optimization. You will be required to optimize your website before link building. Ensure your user’s or rather online viewers will be capable of using it; otherwise, you may send them away. A solid foundation depends on how you get the best out of the SEO Services. You will need to ensure that your site requires good architecture and structure and to be built by the experts for better results as well.

What makes the backlinks important is running a website is through Google, which uses it as one of the ranking factors. So if you want to be ranked better, you will always depend on link building techniques. Apart from that, it also plays a vital role in your SEO Services. Therefore, you are required to have effective strategies, time, and dedication in making it work. To become successful in your link building process below, I have highlighted five major roadblocks that you should know and avoid. It will help you in coming up with effective strategies to make it work.

1. The need for quality assets

The need for quality assets on your website should not be underestimated, especially when it comes to link building. The creation of link-good content helps in offering valuable data to your online readers, rich and engaging the main target. It helps in strengthening the authority in the eyes of Google and your customers. Assets include all that the web page entails ranging from articles, products, and other services. Other things that are considered as an asset for the web page is the research, data, and even individuals who work for that particular firm.

All these assets offer the opportunity to generate links back to your website either organically or by reaching out through a link.

  • The influencer-based content- the creation of content centered around what the company entails helps the influencers and the experts in sharing all-inclusive insights, opinions, and perspectives it regards. It represents all the opportunities by reaching out to them directly and encouraging them to share their new, highly targeted audiences.
  • Research and the reports- research data and other statistics oriented content for the website outperforms all other relevant information the websites ought to offer. It is thus crucial for the researcher to researcher to look out for answers that their customers keep asking to quench their curiosity concerning their products and services.
  • Other resources- it is good to share out other premium assets that will help your audience in their daily responsibilities. Some of these strategic resources include user guides, eBooks, whitepapers, tools, infographics, FAQ materials, and other multimedia collateral.

In the contemporary world, the competitive search landscapes, SEO pros do not get away with the act of generating links from incompetent content. It is good to note that website marketers and managers have no shortage of information for linking, so you must offer something unique or simply be better than your competitors.

2. Lack of website optimization

The building of links is more powerful if it is supported by on-site optimization; however, people often seek the development of the off-site website initiatives even before the optimization of on-site. A site that is not in good shape faces the challenge of obtaining buy-in from other sites owned by people. in actual sense, nobody would want to direct a user to a site with bad experience; hence building trust and authority is very crucial. The establishment of a solid technical foundation for website forms the basis of obtaining the best out of the efforts of link building. This can be achieved through regular technical checks on the site. Some of the key features to take into consideration are, site architecture and URL structure, desktop, and mobile experience, page load time, redirect paths, broken pages, links and images, optimized page tagging elements and internal crosslink strategy.

On various occasions, the website owner’s emphasis on the off-site initiatives li likes the link building, forgetting the optimization issues. To ensure your link building is powerful, it has to be back by site optimization. It is impossible to get a backlink from other sites that don’t have the quality that you are looking for. If you are not comfortable sending visitors to a bogus website, do not expect other sites to do the same. To build quality links, you will need to have trust and authority. But if you lack this, it will be hard to win over other websites.

3. Inadequate researches

While it is essential to obtain links from the well-established and authoritative websites, looking beyond the obvious in link building targets so as to find quick wins and acquire more strategic opportunities. Competitive analysis ought to be done to identify link building opportunities that are worth investing in both in the short-term and long term. While conducting competitive analysis, the source of the competitor’s link should be identified as well as the publications linking competitors’ sites. One also has to find tactics used for execution to achieve the goals and if the findings obtained can be used to enhance the tactics possessed by an individual.

A vigilant competitive analysis allows you to build links that are important in both the long and short term. Therefore, it is important to dig on the right websites that have the potential of reaching out to your target audience.  This is because you may miss out on greater opportunities by laying your focus to the prominent websites only.

Competitive analysis

A competitive analysis allows you to crawl directly to your competitor’s websites, which can help you discover the valuable backlink opportunities that they may use in outranking your site. The backlinks remain as the major SEO currency; hence acquiring them is like becoming a very outstanding marketer. It is important to acquire a few links for building your organic keyword before striking the gold.

Finding link building opportunities are worth pursuing either in the long-term or short-term by employing a thorough competitive analysis that can be achieved by considering the below parts. First of all, ensure that you know where your competitors get their links from their publications, tactics used in executing the exercise, and ways of applying the same on the existing site. Once you have come up with all the said suggestion, you will be good. First of all, in identifying your competitors, you will need to conduct your Google search for the services offered by your business. Find the top-performing competitors and put them in a spreadsheet. It is the only way you can easily borrow ideas on how they have managed to get into such a position. Ahrefs offers the best ways under their competing domains though you can use other tools like the SEMrush to identify the competing Webpages.

Another key is you keep checking each competing webpage to know if they specialize in the niches that you operate. At this point, you will be likely come up with weekly competitor backlink alerts that show all the new links that you have got from the competing URL.

Keyword research and the SERP analysis

All the search engine optimizations always lead to keyword researching. When conducting both the keyword and SERP analysis, you will need to put into place the following considerations:

  • Identify the sites that are showing up on the top Google search result after your priority terms used.  It is important to have different terms from your competitors to avoid biasing the content.
  • Know where your competitor site gets its links.
  • Ensure you adopt the tactics they use in executing this analysis.
  • Do any of the links showing up on the Google results publications that are representing the opportunities for link building?
  • Although some of the business sites highlighted may have no links or not directly benefiting from the SEO notion, it significant acquiring a brand you found in them.

Industry research

When it comes to industry research,  you must note the main influencers, authors, and even the publications that surround your site. Although there are some overarching relevant business publications in various industries, it is crucial building authority in your specific firm by getting links from respectable publications. In addition, this will ensure you are getting into new and relevant clients that may be interested in working with you. Of course, you can only attain all this by leveraging your social media tools and other platforms.

4. Bad outreach

If there is poor execution of the outreach is an outright death of the link building. Well, in this case, I do not have the exact outreach research to support the above statement, but I am just offering you with educated assumption. When considering the outreach, it is good to keep in mind with a few elements that will help you achieve your target. First of all, find the correct contacts and details for outreach and then connection than with your targets before making any request. Finally, work into craft customizing and engaging good communication skills.

Get the right contacts and details for outreach

First of all, begin by researching the identity of the correct contacts for outreach and the correct way of reaching out to them. Sending the outreach through the submission of the forms on the website or email for general inquiries is likely not to get the right information. Get into the website and dig into it till you find either the editor or the site manager to get to acquire the information you need about them. If it is not available from the website, you can opt to get more information from their social media sites through inquiries or from their profiling.  Ensure to look at the company’s main page, you will eventually find out who works for that particular firm and their specific job titles.

Connect with their target before making any request

After acquiring their contacts, follow up and engage with their major target in accordance with the social media before reaching out about the link building idea since it can make all the difference. It helps in having familiarity and trust for your brand as a marketer. To monitor the target’s both activities and the engagement opportunities, I would like building the twitter list in doing it. The automation that this process identifies their targets through social media hurdles can be though the help of tools like Buzz stream.

Customization of the craft and engaging communication

The use of several emails no longer works in enhancing communication or even customizing the craft. In order to acquire the attention of your targets, it is important to craft highly customized outreach templates since they are necessary. It is important you consider using these tips for email outreach to enhance communication;

  • Avoid using standard templates.
  • Don’t allow coming off the sappy or robotic data.
  • Enhance the clarity and concise by getting directly to the main point.
  • Be sure to know your right link target by displaying this knowledge.
  • Have a concrete reason for reaching out.
  • Finally, consider the ideal timing.

5. Poor tracking and automation

Companies are essential when it comes to link building; without it, your campaigns in regard to link building are likely to fall flat. Both you and your team members need to understand or rather be able to find the status of every link building opportunity. In order to have a proactive and clear follow-up with the set targets, you will need to have a solid tracking in place, whether in the excelling files or in the advanced systems.

Another important issue you should practice is storing proper contact information in one place will ensure your outreach is more effective and helpful in saving time used in research-based o relationships. In addition to tracking some levels of automation can help in taking your link building tactic to the next level. Notably, by automation, I do not mean sending mass emails and not customizing your communication but instead doing everything that entails outreach your communication.

The reason an organization is required for both you and your team members is to find the status of every link building opportunity. it is essential since it helps in connecting with other contact information. With that, you are then supposed to put up a good tracking system to aid you in automating the task of tracking. You may choose to use the excel files or other advanced tracking systems like the buzz streams. In case you fail to get into the track linking opportunities, then you will miss out on attaining quality links. This can be done through proper storing of the contact information in one of place. You simply need the act of reaching out. The automated email systems make it easier to reach out to various target sites in a short period.

Final thoughts

The building of backlinks is a crucial strategy in establishing an online presence and ensuring your site is better ranked. In addition, it is a great SEO strategy for acquiring organic traffic that can convert. Successful execution of link building campaigns can result in stellar business results, which include; increased authority, good leadership, boosted traffic referrals, and strong brand awareness in the digital world. Avoiding the listed common roadblocks highlighted above can make your link building efforts more impactful. The correct execution of link building can be very beneficial if it is done correctly.

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  1. Hi Naman,
    Great article as I’m trying to build links for a new blog. It’s not easy! Do the directories still work today like Hot Frog? Or are they no longer viable? I get so many emails for folks that want links but I’m afraid of the spam it may create.

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