15 AI Tools to Skyrocket Your Marketing in 2024

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a staple in marketing. If you haven’t jumped on board yet, it’s time to ask yourself “Why not?”.

To kickstart your journey, I’ve compiled a list of 15 essential AI tools in this article. These innovative tools should be part of your business game plan, especially if you’re aiming to elevate your marketing game in 2024.

1. StoryboardHero


Videos stand out as the primary tool to elevate your marketing strategy, and creating high-quality videos begins with a solid storyboard. To make this process more efficient, consider leveraging an AI tool like StoryboardHero.

StoryboardHero is an AI storyboard generator that enables you to produce multiple storyboards effortlessly in just minutes with a few clicks. From conceptualization and scripting to providing visual elements for each frame, StoryboardHero deserves a spot in your toolkit for seamless video creation.


  • Concept and script generation
  • AI-generated images
  • Hand-drawn sketches by skilled artists (optional)
  • Consistent characters in every frame of the storyboard


  • Starts at $19/month

2. Canva


When it comes to marketing your products, social media plays a crucial role, and captivating graphics are essential. Canva is your go-to tool for this purpose. This user-friendly and creative platform assists you in crafting compelling graphics and images tailored to meet all your marketing requirements. What’s more, Canva now incorporates numerous AI features! Whether you prefer a manual touch or the assistance of AI, you have all the options here — the choice is yours.


  • Photo and video editor for marketing materials such as logos, posters, flyers, brochures, and more
  • Magic Studio: transform, reformat, and translate
  • Magic Media: text-to-video and text-to-image
  • Magic Expand: grab, edit, eraser, animate, morph, and write
  • Background remover


  • Canva has a free-to-use subscription (with limited features only)
  • Pro plan starts at $14.99

3. ChatGPT


There are moments when we find ourselves at a loss for words, and the solution comes in the form of a well-known AI tool: ChatGPT. Think of it as your creative assistant. Ask, and you’ll receive—sometimes even beyond your expectations. Captions, articles, and more, you name it. All you need to do is revise and tweak a few, and you’re good to go.


  • Content Generation
  • ChatGPT Plus: Plugins such as text-to-image, link reader, and more.


  • Free (GPT 3.5)
  • The paid subscription, ChatGPT Plus  (GPT 4) starts at $20/month

4. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is the answer if you have ideas but struggle with creative execution. Just enter your text prompt for the image you imagine, and let the AI work its magic, delivering the visual result in your chosen art style. This is especially useful as it saves you from creating marketing graphic materials entirely from the ground up.


  • Generative Fill
  • Text to Image
  • Text Effects
  • Generative Recolor


  • Free
  • Premium plan starts at $4.99/month

5. Rapidely


In the fast-paced world of marketing, reaching audiences across various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok is essential. Handling multiple accounts can be challenging, but Rapidely is here to simplify things for you. It aids in managing multiple accounts and facilitates team collaboration. With a monthly calendar generator, you can effortlessly create customized posts. Plus, it includes a carousel maker for added versatility.


  • Carousel Maker
  • Collaborate with your team and client
  • AI-Assisted Copywriting
  • Content Strategy
  • Trending Audio


  • Free with access to limited features
  • Paid plan starts at $32

6. Smartwriter.ai


Smartwriter.ai is your ideal assistant for the writing-intensive aspect of marketing, especially when it comes to sending numerous emails daily. This tool automates your email outreach and crafts personalized emails. It seamlessly integrates with third-party tools and platforms, enhancing the efficiency of your cold email outreach process.


  • Automated SEO Backlink Outreach


  • Starts at $49/month

7. Grammarly


AI content generation tools are everywhere, but perfection isn’t guaranteed! In marketing, good grammar and the right tone matter. Grammarly stands out as one of the most popular AI tools for text needs. It offers tone adjustments, a plagiarism checker, formality-level suggestions, and real-time feedback. Grammarly’s AI co-creator also assists you in composing, ideating, and refining your content.


  • Grammar and Plagiarism Checker
  • Citation Generator
  • Paraphrasing tool
  • Generative AI
  • Tone Detector


  • Free to use (with limited features)
  • Premium plan starts at $12/month

8. Browse AI

Browse AI

In marketing, analyzing your competitors is crucial. However, sifting through their pages to gather key information can take up a lot of time. That’s where Browse AI becomes useful. It helps by scraping web pages, saving you from the tedious task of doing it manually. With Browse AI, you can effortlessly extract and monitor data from any website without the hassle.


  • Data extraction
  • Monitoring
  • Prebuilt Robots


  • Starts at $48.75/month

9. Reply.io (Sales Email Assistant)


As we receive numerous emails daily, there’s a tendency to overlook or respond to them late, leaving a less-than-ideal impression. To tackle this issue, Reply.io offers a solution. This AI tool acts as a reliable assistant for managing email replies efficiently.


  • Email generation: first-step email and AI follow-ups
  • Instant sending
  • AI writer and checker


  • Reply.io (sales email assistant) has a free trial with limited features
  • Paid plan starts at $60/month per user

10. Chatfuel


Consumers often browse products, add them to their cart, and then forget about them — a potential revenue slipping through your fingers. So, how to overcome this? Enter Chatfuel. This WhatsApp chatbot employs pre-programmed rules or AI to automate and substitute human conversations on WhatsApp, sending messages in real-time, 24/7. Chatfuel automatically sends personalized messages to customers who abandon their carts, encouraging them to complete purchases and boost your sales. Additionally, for larger marketing teams, Chatfuel allows multiple agents to handle messages within a single WhatsApp number – ideal for seamless collaboration.


  • Automated Customer Support


  • Starts at $35.39 for WhatsApp

11. Hemingway App


Sometimes, we write content, either on our own or generated by AI, and it ends up being challenging to read. Hemingway App is your ally for checking readability and addressing issues like overlong sentences, passive voice, and excessive adverb use. It gives a readability score, and the aim is to iterate until you hit a good score, ideally Grade 9 or lower. This tool helps you pinpoint areas for editing or revision, ensuring your content is easy to understand.


  • Readability score
  • Word count
  • Number of adverbs
  • Sentence length
  • Use of passive voice


  • Free to use
  • Paid plan starts at $10

12. Zapier


In marketing, managing a variety of tools, from CRM to internal communication, can be quite challenging. It often leads to confusion and getting lost in the process. Fortunately, there’s a solution: automation without the need for coding! With Zapier, you have access to templates, automation, and integration tools to streamline your workflow. You can even create custom workflows in just a few minutes, all tailored to your business needs.


  • Marketing automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Editorial Calendar Management


  • Free (limited features)
  • Paid plan starts at $29.99/month

13. PhotoRoom


Creating collages or various types of graphics often requires removing backgrounds, and using Photoshop can be a slow and outdated process. When it comes to your marketing materials, the easy and fast go-to tool for this task is PhotoRoom. It is a design tool that utilizes AI and machine learning for photo editing, specifically automating the process of removing backgrounds.


  • Background remover
  • Background color
  • Instant background
  • Blur background
  • Retouch
  • White background


  • Free to use

14. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO

A crucial aspect in marketing is your website, and achieving a high ranking in Google and boosting overall SEO standing are top priorities. However, optimizing content involves considering various factors such as keywords, content structure, and more — a task that often requires manual effort. Meet Surfer SEO, your guide in this endeavor. With Surfer SEO, you can effortlessly monitor the terms you use, analyze keywords, check competitors, and much more. Using this kind of SEO tool, you can produce quality content without any doubts!


  • Generate optimized articles
  • Content Editor
  • Keyword Research
  • Optimize existing articles


  • Starts at $89/month

15. Originality AI

Originality AI

Let’s be honest, AI writing tools like ChatGPT are essential for crafting blog articles and more. However, the last thing we want is for our content to sound automated. That’s where Originality AI comes into play. This tool ensures your writing maintains a human tone, making it a valuable addition to your list. This is particularly useful for SEO, especially when building links through guest posting on other sites. Many platforms have guidelines and might not accept AI-generated articles, so it’s wise to double-check your content here and assess the human score. With Originality AI, you can identify sections where it sounds too much like AI and where it strikes the right human tone. From there, you’ll be able to refine and work on parts as needed to meet the site standard.


  • AI Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Fact Checker
  • Readability Checker


  • Starts at $14.95/month


Now that we are done with the 15 AI tools, it is your time to add this to your list and watch as your marketing efforts soar to new heights.

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