CBD for Acne: Does Cannabidiol Benefit Acne?

CBD for Acne

Acne is the most common skin disease. It is caused by the clogging of sweat pores – usually by dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. When this happens, a bacteria known as Propionibacterium causes huge, ugly blemishes in the face; and this is what people try to get rid of using medication and other remedies.

Acne can be very difficult to get rid of but there is some indication that cannabidiol, the hemp extract, contains skin-friendly properties that may actually stop breakouts and restore normal, healthy skin.

Does CBD Work for Acne

Much of the research on CBD and acne mentions the effect that cannabidiol has on excess oil production; and in particular, infection of sebum glands. These glands are found under the skin where they produce oil to keep skin protected from the elements. A study that was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that CBD oil reduced oil production in patients with acne, and it also showed significant anti-inflammatory effects as well. That’s why the online market of CBD Products is expanding quickly. These results are believed to work in both face-acne and body acne, because both are caused by the same process. 

What About Acne Scars?

Acne scars occur when enlarged pimples appear on the skin, and also due to skin picking, which leaves a dark mark where the pimple used to be. Applying CBD oil to the skin may help reduce the appearance of acne scars, and this is according to a study published in the journal La Clinica Terapeutica, which looked at cases of acne scars in 20 individuals. The participants were each given CBD oil to apply twice a day, and after three months, the scars were less visible, and the skin also showed better elasticity.

How CBD Works for

Itchy Skin Conditions

The website for the American Academy of Dermatology recommends using CBD oil to prevent itchy skin, noting that cannabidiol provides excellent relief from irritation. Also quoted is a 2005 study that saw 80% of participants with hemodialysis find complete relief after using CBD oil every day for a specified period.


The journal PeerJ Life & Environment published a study that showed how CBD uses cannabinoid receptors in the surface of the skin to prevent abnormal skin cell growth, which causes psoriasis. Although the study authors didn’t fully understand how this happens, they suggested that perhaps cannabinoids have the ability to stop receptors that made skin produce excess cells.

Sensitive Skin

The anti-inflammatory properties in CBD can also provide relief to people with sensitive skin, because many cases of irritation will cause some form of inflammation. CBD also protects against common skin pollutants such as UV rays and harsh chemicals; which cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Aging and Wrinkles

Cannabidiol has antioxidant properties, which is why it can prevent premature aging – especially if the aging is caused by an accumulation of toxins in the skin. To make it more effective against aging skin, consider taking Vitamin E supplements as well, or eat fruits that are good for the skin.

How To Use CBD for Acne

Get high-quality CBD oil for use on your skin. You may find it easier to use topical products that have CBD as the main ingredients, because these products combine other skin-oils to make it more effective. Check for products with olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil, and shea butter.

CBD may also work on your skin if you take it orally; however, the extent to which it will help is hard to know. Dermatologists recommend using it topically after washing, so that the compound can penetrate deeper under the skin to deliver nourishing properties.

Your CBD product will have instructions for use, and this will guide you on how best to treat or prevent acne breakouts. 

The Bottom Line

While CBD may offer relief for many, it should not be a substitute for seeing a doctor. In case your condition doesn’t improve, seek professional treatment. CBD may also cause some mild irritation for some people, but this usually comes from having additional compounds in your CBD product. To avoid this, use high-quality cannabidiol with no additives to prevent irritation. 

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