Why Should You Hire a Semi-Truck Accident Attorney?

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Truck injuries are fatal. They are more deadly and complex when compared with general vehicular accidents. Besides that, the inevitable legal battle is also very different from common vehicular accidents. Thus, it becomes imperative that you hire an attorney which is specifically experienced in truck accident representation.

If you are looking for someone to represent you in a truck or semi-truck accident case, you must be hiring the best lawyer for an accident with a semi-truckBAUMGARTNER law firm is a Texas-based law firm that offers specialized services in Truck and Semi-truck accidental cases. They are the most renowned lawyers in the arena; you must check them out.

Reasons to Consult a Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

Very few people realize the importance of consulting a lawyer who is specifically experienced in truck/ semi-truck accident cases. Here is a list of reasons which will help you make the right decision- 

1- Bigger the truck, the bigger the accident policy – the value of the insurance policy of a truck increases with the size of the truck. Semi-trucks are required to have a minimum policy of $750,000. This high price and different slabs according to the size mean a huge liability on the insurance company. 

2- Handling the recorded statement- truck insurance adjusters ask dubious questions to the victims. These questions seem innocent, but the answers they extract from you are often used against your interests. An experienced lawyer will look into the fact that whether a recorded statement is necessary at all.

If it is found that a recorded statement is necessary, then the lawyer will be present with you while the statement is being recorded. 

3- Unearthing evidence- An experienced lawyer also secures the evidence so that it is not lost or tampered with. He might also access additional data like the number of hours driven between required breaks, the logbook of the truck, etc. 

4- Knowing the policy limits- the pains of the victim of a truck accident in excruciating. The additional load of mental and physical trauma, loss of salary, medical bills, and family stress makes it unbearable. An experienced lawyer would reveal the total coverage to his client that is within the policy limits. 

5- Examine the medical bills- if you are involved in a truck/ Semi-truck accident, chances are that you will be staying in hospital for a long time. An experienced lawyer is known for his empathy and concern for his clients. He will prepare a summary of your injuries, treatment cost, and recovery phase, and all this will be sent to the insurance company. 

6- Settling the claims- Negotiation is a skill that comes only with experience. Your attorney has only one chance in settling your claim. A novice may blow up the chance, and you will have to bear the brunt of this. It is thus important that your attorney masters the art of negotiation. 

7- Possibilities of going to a trial- Even though most of the cases are settled outside the courts, there is always a chance for trial. An experienced attorney has exposure to both in court and out-of-court proceedings. This ensures that in case any unseen circumstances occur and you have to approach the court; you will be in safe hands.


You must never take a risk while choosing an attorney for your Semi-Truck accident claim. Only an experienced attorney who deals specifically in Semi-truck accident cases will be able to get you justice. 

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