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Scrum is an agile framework that can be used for the development and all-around welfare of IT organizations and software. It includes skills and knowledge of software development with related work ethics. There are several certifications that can be undertaken if one wishes to be a professional Scrum official, such as CSM (Certified Scrum Master), PSM certification [PSM I (Professional Scrum Master), PSM II], etc. The certifications validate the knowledge of the candidate on Scrum guidelines and his or her skills in applying the techniques and methodologies of Scrum to project management in IT organizations.

The PSM I certificate is governed by Scrum.org. Comparing the certification examination of PSM I to that of CSM, the former can be considered easier than the latter.

Syllabus: – The certification of PSM I require a thorough knowledge in the several focus areas as delineated in the Professional Scrum Competencies.

Training and preparation: – The Scrum Guide has been voted as the best preparation material for the certification test of PSM I. Credible training material and videos are available online, which can be taken advantage of by the candidate. The Scr8u Glossary is also a helpful and non-negotiable training part for the PSM I certification test. PSM Training available online and offline by various sources also may be undertaken for better chances of clearing the certification test, but the examination does not require the undertaking of a course compulsorily. In case the candidate has undertaken the official training provided by Scrum.org and failed to clear the PSM I examination within 14 days of completion of the course, the governing body provides for a second attempt without any cost for free with few conditions applied.

Examination fee: – The candidate has to submit an amount of USD $ 150 per application to appear for the test.

Passing score: – The candidate has to obtain at least 85% marks in order to achieve the certification of PSM I.

Duration: – The certification test provides a period of 60 minutes or 1 hour for all the asked questions to be solved.

The total number of questions: – A total of 80 questions are asked in the PSM I certification test.

Type of questions: – The question paper generally contains multiple choices type questions, but it sometimes also contains questions that have to be answered in ‘true’ or ‘false.’

Language: – The certification test can be taken in the English language.

Validity: – The certificate of PSM I is valid for a lifetime.

Renewal: – The PSM I certificate does not require any renewal.

How to clear the PSM I certification examination in the first attempt:-

– Get the syllabus for the course from the official site of Scrum.org (the latest version).

– Filter out the topics and concepts under heads such as: – Done, Revision required the complete study required, Practice required, etc., as per your convenience.

– Plan a schedule for self-preparation. Enough hard work can be helpful in achieving the certification.

– Alternatively, you can choose a training course. It can preferably be the official training site of Scrum.org.

– Once completed with course with equal justice to all the concepts and methodologies and a focus on their applications, you can undertake mock tests with sample test papers and model questions. These are provided with books or can even be found online for free of cost.

– On the day just before the test, revise your short handwritten notes but do not confuse yourself.

– Get enough rest.

– On the day of the exam, fill out the required details and the answers correctly with patience and calmness.

– Once done with the test with a passing score, obtain the certification and update your curriculum vitae.

Scrum is one of the best types of the framework to date that is preferred by many organizations for its flexibility, adaptability, higher salary, better processes, improved evaluation, and other added benefits. The certifications open for a candidate wishing to validate his skills regarding Scrum include that of the PSM I. PSM I is a widely accepted and highly coveted certification that is easier than the CSM and is cost-effective with other benefits like less cost, lifetime validity, fewer requirements, etc. Thus, PSM I is a better choice of certification for a candidate in the field of Scrum.

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