What’s the difference between double glazing and secondary glazing

double glazing and secondary glazing

Benefits of wooden windows

Many private home owners install sash windows. They add a special charm to the exterior of the building. New sash windows double glazing can be made according to the individual parameters of your windows. They can maintain the optimal temperature inside your house, which will help to save on heating and avoid freezing.

Classic sash windows may not be effective enough for protection against the cold temperatures outside. Therefore, you can choose one of the options for keeping heat in the house, to make the secondary or double glazing. Is there any difference in the chosen systems?

What is Double Glazing?

For a double glazed window, two sheets of glass are used with a small gap between them. It will act as an insulating barrier to keep warmth. An inert gas, such as argon, can be placed into this space, or a vacuum can be made. They help slow down the movement of warm air between the window elements. With such double glazing windows Bristol, you will notice less need for the use of additional heating devices already in the first month of using it.

What is Secondary Glazing?

To add to the existing glazing, you need to install another glass from the inside. It can be either permanent or temporary. Most often, secondary glazing is used as an intermediate option before a complete glass unit replacement.

Important Factors To Bear In Mind When Choosing Windows Glazing

Additional glazing is one of the best ways to prevent winter drafts. Windows are easy to install, and some types of secondary glazing can even be made by yourself. It will not be difficult for specialists to mount such glass. To install the sash window double glazing, you should only rely on the help of professionals – they will replace the window following all safety instructions.

Speaking about profitability, it is worth noting that it is the secondary glazing that is more profitable. It will cost more, but each of the options has positive aspects in terms of perspective. You will be able to significantly save on heating. The warmth will be kept inside the house, and you will never think about turning on an additional heater.

The double glazing for sash windows is slightly less easy to clean. You won’t be able to clean the glass between the panels, since the unit is hermetically sealed, and you can only reach its side surfaces. Secondary glazing is extra glass with a frame, so you can gently clean dust on both sides using a special cleaner.

If your home is a part of historical heritage, then a better option is to install recycled glass. It doesn’t change the look of the building’s facade, and you won’t need additional construction documents. And if you need to insulate glass in a private house of your own construction, you can independently choose one of the options that will seem more attractive to you, including wooden double glazing sash windows.

Both double glazing and secondary glazing are suitable for improving the energy efficiency of the house. Both options are excellent at improving sound insulation and keeping the warmth inside. A simpler and cheaper option is secondary glazing; it is suitable for those who, for various reasons, cannot replace the existing windows in the house. You will provide sash windows draught proofing and will reduce the number of colds in your family in winter season.

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