5 Books to Help Become Even Better in the New Year


How to achieve great results, develop leadership qualities, set goals and achieve them? The answers to these questions are in the books — it remains to choose the right literature. We have compiled several best-selling books on career, efficiency, development, and planning. It is always great to reflect on new ideas and find something useful for yourself.

It is efficient to understand your goal. If you know what you need, it is already one step forward. A good idea is to look for information online — blogs, videos, and articles may help you achieve your goals by bringing new ideas. At the same time, don’t hesitate to ask for help if needed. Just like many students address rapidessay to have more free time, you may find a professional who will guide you through your problems.

1. Leading with Emotional Courage, Peter Bregman

Peter Bregman, CEO of consulting company Bregman Partners, explains how to develop the courage to make crucial decisions, speak out, not panic, and calmly respond to criticism. Bregman is sure — strong personalities are not born, but developed. He consistently teaches how to manage emotions, fight procrastination, and cultivate an inner core. This knowledge is universal — it will help build career and personal relationships. The book is not only about emotions but also all those factors that influence our perception of situations and ourselves.

2. Tribal Leadership, Dave Logan, John King, and Halee Fischer-Wright

Based on a massive decade of research, the authors of this book analyze the history of large corporations and types of leaders. It turns out that a lot depends not only on the manager but also on the team model — that is why a leader who is good for one “tribe” may be completely ineffective in another. The bestseller will be useful to everyone who wants to inspire and lead people, and the given facts can be easily adapted to everyday communication.

3. Influence: Science and Practice, Robert Cialdini

We manipulate, and we are manipulated. In most cases, this is almost invisible but often destructive. Psychology professor Robert Cialdini explains how to avoid becoming a victim of manipulation and how to easily recognize when someone is trying to influence you. He identifies seven main types of effects on consciousness. Understanding them will teach you not to follow the provocations and stay calm even in the most stressful communication. It will definitely come in handy in a studying process (and everyday life, of course!).

4. The Next Right Thing: A Simple, Soulful Practice for Making Life Decisions, Emily P. Freeman

In “The next right thing,” Emily Freeman talks about which path should be taken to be able to distinguish the important from the unnecessary in any situation and learn to recognize your real desires. But to see all this, at the very beginning of the path, you need to be able to clear the space around you and calm your mind.

5. The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future, Ryder Carroll

Today, Carroll’s system helps nearly one million people on the planet to concentrate and organize their lives every day. The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Fast Company, Bloomberg, and Lifehacker.com write about the author and his success. The impulse for the Bullet Journal system was the attention deficit disorder that Ryder Carroll suffered from as a child. This disorder prevented the boy from concentrating on schoolwork and making friends. His system helps everyone to plan their tasks and duties. It is simple but extremely effective and definitely worth trying.

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