Layoners Sunglasses: How to Get Prescription Shades

Layoners Sunglasses

Layoners sunglasses can help protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet light. But do you know that you can also have prescription shades when you go outdoors to provide clear vision and eye protection at the same time?

Prescription shades have a corrective prescription on the lenses. It enables you to have optimum vision even if you go out on a bright, sunny day.

Prescription glasses, also called Rx glasses, are ideal for doing activities outside like driving, doing sports, or soaking up under the sun.

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Why do you need prescription shades?

If you’re wearing corrective glasses, chances are you are aware of prescription shades. However, if not, check out the benefits that it gives if you need one:

Eye protection.

Shades can prevent UV light and blue light to enter your eyes thus eliminating eye strain and possible damage. You need 100 percent UV protection and blue light protection and also guard your eyes against dust and debris.


Having corrective shades provides you with double benefits in one eyewear. You don’t have to wear non-prescription shades or wear prescription glasses under the sun to see things clearly.

Optimal clarity and vision.

You can see things clearly even under the sun because it is made to your corrective prescription. You don’t have to worry about blurred vision or squinting.


Even if you have a problem with your vision, you can stay fashionable with corrective shades. You can have optimal vision and protection.

Substitute for contact lenses.

When wearing contact lenses, you may experience dry, irritated eyes. Wearing shades can eliminate this problem and free your eyes from wearing contacts.

Prescription shades are available for any prescription such as progressive lenses. It can be fitted with presbyopic or multifocal lenses if you’re more than 40 years in order to see things clearly at all distances.

Prescription shades are available in any lens

Prescription shades are available in all corrective prescriptions including bifocals, progressive, and get them polarized. People enjoy the benefit of wearing it because they can have optimal vision even under the sun.

Lens for prescription shades are available in different materials such as glass, polycarbonate, Trivex, and high-index plastic. Glass lens is no longer the most popular choice because it is heavier than other options. People prefer glasses that are lightweight.

One trend in getting prescription shades is having a photochromic tint that automatically darkens when under the sun. If you’re driving, ask your optician for shades that have a photochromic tint that is especially for driving.

You need to ensure that your prescription shades provide you with 100 UV protection. It ensures that your eyes can be protected from the harmful effects of radiation and eliminate the risk of developing eye diseases.

How to get prescription shades?

Remember these tips when getting prescription shades:

  • Have an eye examination. It should have a pupil distance in order to have the correct position of the center of the lenses.
  • Fit on different shades to select the nest tint of the lens.
  • Make sure to fit your prescription shades to correct some errors before getting it.

You can order prescription shades from your optometrist or optician. Make sure that you tell them what exactly you need for your shades. Ask for options because there are a lot of designs, styles, and technology that you may have missed.

Prescription shades can be pricey. However, investing in a high-quality one can avoid more expenses in the long run.

The right prescription shades can help you see with better clarity and protect your eyes at the same time. Having a tint on the lens can help avoid eye strain.

If you’re new to wearing these types of shades, it’s very common to experience dizziness in the beginning. Your eyes may still be adjusting. Give it a few days until you become used to the prescription shades.

If you continue to experience the issue after some days, it’s time to contact your optician. They need to check if your prescription is correct. To easily adjust your eyes, try wearing them for a long period of time. If you’re thinking if you can turn your Layoners sunglasses into prescription shades, the answer is yes. You just have to contact your eye doctor for that. There are also online sites that offer the service and deliver it to your doorsteps.

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