Why Are Escape Rooms Gaining Popularity For Birthday Ideas?

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms bring to you a bundle of joy and excitement. If you are fed up with organizing banal birthday parties and want to add some thrill to your special day, taking your friends to an escape room might be the best alternative possible. Escape rooms are available in different models, depending on your need and desire. 

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Escape rooms are ideal for a birthday idea

Escape rooms provide an opportunity for all of your friends to gather and solve crazy mysteries together. There are numerous elements that make it an ideal birthday celebration idea:

Inclusive Challenges

When you consider other options for celebrating your birthday, you will have to leave some of your friends behind. For instance, if you choose to go to an amusement park, those of your friends who are not tall enough will not be able to enjoy their favorite rides.

Similarly, if you go to a bar, your younger friends will have to be left off. However, escape rooms are devoid of any such restriction. They allow you to invite friends cutting across the barriers and restrictions. Thus, you wouldn’t have to worry about who would come and who would not. 

Challenging rewards

It would be really fun for everyone to work as a team and solve the challenges. Unlike an ordinary birthday party, your party would be remembered by everyone because it invited participation from everyone. At the end of the challenge, you get a reward which is satisfying. 

Thus, you get to know more about your friends’ strengths, weaknesses, and idiosyncrasies. At the end of each puzzle, you will bond stronger and work better. 


one of the major concerns when organizing a birthday party is the total expense. You would not even realize how quickly a birthday party can drill a hole in your pocket. There are multiple expenses involved in a birthday party ranging from cakes, music, decorations, etc. 

All of this expense can solely be replaced with an escape room and a lot of fun. Besides that, you would not be required to put in all the hours of work for decoration and organizing the event because everything will be ready in the escape room. You just have to go there and have fun. This way, you save time, effort, and money. 

Memorable experience

An adventurous party is one which everyone would remember. Escape rooms have something to offer to everyone, thus everyone will leave the room with a smile and your party will be remembered as the best party that they went to. 


Since everyone has been locked up in their homes for about two years because of the pandemic, escape rooms are the best escapade with your family and friends to refresh your mood on your birthday.

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