Solar for Small Business: 4 Ways to make the most of the sun to grow your business

Solar for Small Business

The future of energy consumption rests with solar power. Solar is a renewable energy source that can be created virtually anywhere that the sun is shining. The problem is that small businesses often do not see the incentive to invest in solar. If your business is a work from home entity, uses rental space or is strapped for cash then investing in renewables may be the last thing on your mind. But there are alternatives for small businesses that can make a difference to the environment. They can also make a huge impact on your bottom line!

Our ideas are not only great for the environment, they also assist with the profile of your business. Being known for a commitment to the environment is not just virtue signalling; it is a real sign that your business is permanent, focussed on others and credible. Take a look at our 4 simple ideas for getting renewables as a part of your small to medium sized business.

1. Invest in a Solar Car Park

Rooftop solar is a given in small business, but have you thought a bit further afield to a solar car park? If you have customers that park their cars at your store then a solar car park could be just what you need to give those customers a shady place to park when they come to visit as well as a mini solar farm. Companies such as PV Structures build solar car parks and solar shade structures that provide both amenity and reap the returns of traditional rooftop solar.

Solar carparks and shade structures can be integrated into your existing rooftop solar system or can be installed as a standalone product. Either way, your customers see your commitment to the environment every time they park at your premises. If you are renting your space, why not talk to your property manager or landlord about the benefits of a solar car park for the whole building.

2. Install an EV Charging Station

What a better way to draw customers to your premises than to install an EV Charging Station on site. Great for topping up your electric vehicle and can be used by your customers and the local community. There are standalone EV Charging Stations complete with solar panels which are simple and affordable.

3. Light Up The Night (and your signage)

Any signage that you have for your business can become illuminated at night by solar lighting. This not only means that your business is visible in the evenings but it also can cost you next to nothing. There are a number of DIY or low cost solar lighting setups that can shine the night light on your business. Make sure when you turn the lights on you include a notice that the lights are all solar powered; a great message for your customers and once again, showing your commitment to the environment.

4. Shop Around for Renewable Electricity

Most electricity providers allow you to purchase renewable electricity as opposed to traditional fossil fuel-based electricity. This is a great option for small business that want to make a difference but may not have their own premises to make changes to. Your electricity supplier may be able to provide you with some marketing material, such as a seal or icon, that you can use on your social channels. In addition, you can make a statement about your electricity purchase on your email footer or in your invoices. All ways that you can let your audience know you are serious about the environment and their future.

These simple ideas can make a huge difference to the environment. They can also help your business grow its green reputation and ultimately your brand.

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