17 Best Money Making An App That Will Make Your Pocket Happy

Money Making App

Do you need some extra money but lack the time or ability to work a part-time job? If this describes you, think about using one of the many money-making apps to add some cushion to your wallet. There are numerous money-making apps available that allow you to work online more than you might think, and companies are eager to acquire new app users and are willing to compensate you for it. If you spend hours each day on your phone, it cannot hurt to make a little extra money while you are at it. You may wonder how free apps make money but this list includes some of the best money-making apps to fill your pocket and to make you happy.

1. iPoll:

This app notifies you when you are eligible to take a paid survey. You can form a profile ahead of time and then receive notifications for surveys that you are eligible for. You can also do product reviews, be a mystery shopper, or test advertisements. How to make money with the app is just simple. You will receive rewards that you can redeem at iPoll’s online store.

2. Sweatcoin:

This app essentially converts your step counter into cash, and it monitors your activity and rewards you with sweat coins as a result. You cannot exchange digital currency for cash. And however, you can spend it in-app on goods and services or donate the money to charity as cash. It is a simple way to make money simply by walking around.

3. Foap:

If you are constantly taking photos with your smartphone, Foap may help you make money. You can sell your photographs to companies and individuals all over the world. You can sell photos that are already in your online portfolio. Foap allows you to withdraw your earnings through PayPal.

4. Mercari:

With Mercari, you can turn your spring cleaning into cash. This app-based store allows you to sell anything from toys to clothing, and your listings are completely free. When your sale is completed, you pay a 10% fee. This is also an excellent site for purchasing used merchandise online.

5. Google opinion rewards:

Developers create a mobile app to make money and one of the creations is Google opinion rewards. This survey mobile app sends you surveys once a week. With this app, you can earn rewards that can be redeemed in the Google app store. The surveys are typically brief and can include questions such as rating various advertisements.

6. Money machine:

This mobile app, which focuses on surveys, allows you to earn money by watching videos and completing other small online tasks. It will notify you when you can complete various offers, and the rewards can then be transferred to your PayPal account as cash.

7. Snapwire:

This app allows you to monitor your smartphone photos. And this gamified photo selling app rewards you with points. The app allows you to create a portfolio and share photos with whoever you want. You can also be notified of requests that you might be able to fulfill.

8. Decluttr:

This app allows you to sell specific items that you may have lying around the house. It specializes in CDs, DVDs, and video games. You can use the app to take a picture of the item and receive an instant price quote. You can ship the items to Decluttr for free and receive your money the next day through direct deposit.

9. Drop:

When you link your debit and credit payment cards to the free Drop app, it keeps track of your purchases. So developers build a mobile app in such a way to make user-friendly transactions. Then, when you spend at specific merchants from their list, it automatically adds Drop points to your account. It is straightforward. When you reach a certain amount of Drop points, you can exchange them for gift cards to popular retailers.

10. Gigwalk:

This app is primarily geared toward those looking to make a few extra dollars, but you could also become a full-time Gigwalker. You can find gigs near you by using the app’s built-in map feature. Gigs can include tasks such as putting together furniture, walking the dog, or running simple errands. The pay and frequency of gigs are determined by where you live.

11. Banatic:

Banatic is another website that will pay you to play and test games. Instead of points, you collect Bananas, which you can exchange for virtual currency. You can then use your Bananas to get various rewards, such as Google Play codes or game keys. It is as simple as downloading, playing, and earning.

12. Higi:

Higi is an activity tracker that will not pay you directly but instead donate to a charity of your choice. There are other ways to earn Higi’s fun products. Record and complete your daily and weekly health-related check-ins consistently to earn rewards that allow you to purchase products and gear from their reward vendors.

13. Lucktastic

This app provides free scratch-and-win games in which you can earn points or even real money. You can exchange your winning tickets for sweepstakes entries, magazine subscriptions, gift cards, and other prizes.

14. Letgo

Do you have any more clutter to get rid of? Consider letting go. The app titles and categorizes items as you list them using image recognition and artificial intelligence. Even large items can be sold to nearby buyers.

15. Uber:

You will have to put in a little more effort to earn money with this app. However, if you work hard enough, Uber driving can be a full-time job. Consider registering to drive and then simply turning on the app as you go about your day. You might be able to pick up a ride on your way to work or school, for example, for a small fee.

16. Survey on the go:

This is yet another survey app that allows you to create a profile and then take surveys for which you are compensated. It allows you to rate shopping experiences and products, as well as review movies and television shows. When you download the app, you will immediately receive your first dollar.

17. Receipt hog:

Receipt Hog is a service that converts your receipts into cash. The more receipts you upload, the more coins you earn, and the more coins you earn, the more rewards you receive. Because it is a popular app, expect to be placed on a waitlist for a few days. However, once you are in, it is simple to earn coins simply by making regular purchases.

Closing thoughts

There are numerous ways to make money, and mobile app development companies are performing best to do these apps. After all, many of the options on our list are free and do not require you to invest much time to begin receiving benefits. Give some of them a shot, and you should be able to earn some money in no time.

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