Who Are SEO Consultants and What Do They Do?

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Today, there is little doubt that effective SEO will benefit any business out there. The internet has created a global arena where everyone can compete if they have the means. However, we can hardly argue that implementing the right SEO steps in a marketing strategy is not something that is within the capacities of every business. Luckily, you don’t have to create a whole new department for this job. In fact, in many cases, outsourcing SEO is the smartest decision. This is where ethical SEO agency will come into the picture. Read on to learn who SEO consultants are, what they do and why your business needs them.

The goals of SEO

First of all, the purpose of SEO should be briefly discussed. In short, the goal of search engine optimization is boosting a website’s visibility on the internet by improving its ranking on search results pages. This is done with the goal of boosting traffic, which, as opposed to paid promotions and advertising, is organic traffic coming from visitors who already have some sort of interest in your business. To put it simply, SEO makes it easier for your customers to find you and helps you stay competitive and relevant in the online world. The benefits of SEO are many; well-executed SEO will lead to higher conversion rates and an authoritative status among search results, as well as better user experience and measurable results.

What do SEO consultants do?

SEO specialists are experts in managing their clients’ SEO strategies. However, what does this encompass? Here are some of the areas that reliable SEO consultants will cover for you.

Website audit

Typically, an SEO consultant will begin with an audit of your website. They will review and analyze your status, determining where your current strategy’s weak points lie. The audit will be able to identify if there are certain elements that have been hindering your visibility. Based on this audit, the consultant will be able to draw up an effective action plan for the overhaul of your SEO.

Keyword research

The next important task an SEO consultant needs to be well-versed in is keyword research. It’s probably no news to you that keywords play a central role in your website’s visibility. However, determining the most suitable keywords that will bring the highest traffic is more complicated than it might seem. You need to adjust them not only to your own business but also to the ever-changing searching habits of your target audience. An SEO consultant will bring the keywords you want your business to be associated with together with the keywords and phrases people actually search for.

Competitor analysis

Closely related to keyword research, the next area an expert SEO consultant will cover is competitor research. To play your cards well, you must know what your opponent is doing. This is especially true here since you literally need to outrank your competitors to go up the search results list. Your SEO consultant will research your competitors and their keywords thoroughly.

Page optimization

The next and one of the most important tasks SEO consultants have is webpage optimization. A properly optimized page is paramount for SEO. Google has a number of ranking factors and your website’s speed is a deciding one. An SEO consultant is knowledgeable in on-page optimization and will be able to make all the tweaks necessary for your site to have the best possible performance. Pictures should be compressed appropriately and metadata should be updated. Optimization is aimed at boosting user experience, which is an important ranking factor. Therefore, besides speed, you can also expect your SEO consultant to tackle mobile friendliness, website structure, and other issues, too.

Content creation

A website needs content in order to rank. Experts from an SEO agency from Sydney swear to quality content and will review your site to give you suggestions regarding keyword density, H tags, and other aspects of your content while not threatening your branding and consistency. Additionally, an SEO agency may also offer content creation services. Publishing valuable content regularly is paramount for staying on top of the results, so if you cannot maintain the tempo in-house, outsourcing is the way to go.

Backlink creation

Besides on-page SEO, consultants also deal with off-page matters like backlink creation. Backlinks can have both positive and negative effects on your ranking, so the first step is an audit to determine your current backlink status. Then, the SEO agency will work on creating more quality backlinks that will reflect positively on your website’s reputation.

Monitoring and reporting

Finally, you should remember that SEO is an ongoing process. You need to keep track of what worked and what didn’t, which is why your consultant will give you a detailed report. Depending on their services, SEO consultants may also continue monitoring how your website is doing and give you additional reports at certain intervals.

Why you should contact SEO consultants

As with most other kinds of outsourcing, your main reason behind the decision is probably a lack of capacity to carry out the tasks in a satisfactory manner. However, contacting experienced consultants pays off even if you might already be managing your own SEO campaigns but want to take it to the next level. SEO consultants are highly professional and have much wider knowledge and experience in the topic than someone whose main occupation lies elsewhere. They are also naturally up-to-date with the industry and the algorithm changes that are typically frequent and need to be tracked closely. Why would you struggle if SEO consultants can do the work for you more efficiently?

In today’s fierce competition, SEO is not something you can skip. If your in-house SEO efforts didn’t produce the desired results, consider seeking out an agency. An SEO consultant will help you steer clear of practices that hinder your growth and provide you with actionable steps to improve your online visibility to a noticeable degree.

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