6 Unique benefits of hiring an ecommerce SEO agency

ecommerce SEO agency

As you all know that SEO or search engine optimization is the process of generating more traffic to your website from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. For a business owner, getting more traffic to their website is always a top priority. When someone looks for any information in Google, they are subsequently taken to SERP or search engine result page. It is ecommerce SEO which makes sure that the product or service page of an ecommerce site appears within the first 10 results. It helps to increase organic traffic to an ecommerce site without the help of paid advertising or PPC. To be more specific, it is a set of rules or recommendations especially applicable to ecommerce sites. Ecommerce SEO is the best way to promote an online store and push sales. If your ecommerce store is using Shopify, consider working with a Shopify SEO agency to help you implement a strategy that is right for your ecommerce store.

Difference with normal SEO

In addition to the concepts of SEO, ecommerce SEO includes some more guidelines exclusively for online stores. For instance, the category pages of non-commerce websites are not that important unlike the ecommerce websites where special attention is required. It is an SEO marketing agency that makes sure your business is found online by shoppers looking for your products. According to a study, about 93% of online activity begins with searching. This post discusses about the 6 unique benefits of hiring an ecommerce agency.

  1. Enhanced visibility: Being visible online is of utmost importance for any online business. However, with increasing competition it has become very difficult. Leaving this task to an ecommerce SEO agency will help you in getting identified by search engines and potential customers. They update SEO processes as per search engines.
  2. Retain existing and attract new customers: According to a study, it has been observed that customers trust and keep coming back to the sites referred by popular search engines. The agencies apply various SEO techniques to rank the website higher based on relevant keyword search by potential customers.
  3. Technical knowhow: An ecommerce SEO agency have the technical knowhow to prepare the strategies so that your ecommerce store gets better ranking and visibility. Since they work with clients from various industries, they can handle your unique ranking situation aptly and meet your requirements and expectations.
  4. Reduce investment on marketing: An ecommerce SEO agency optimizes your site to load quickly, target trending keywords and be in the competition. This helps to increase your online sales and revenue, requiring less investment in other forms of marketing like AdWords and other PPC platforms.
  5. Focus on your business: When you opt for seo outsourcing, you can concentrate more on running the business while they take care of your website traffic. You will be worry free about how your website is performing and utilize that time to create more productive business strategies.
  6. Create network: When your website becomes visible on various social media websites, you will get a chance to form a network which will also include potential customers. This will automatically generate new leads.


Ecommerce SEO is the best way to optimize your online store and an ecommerce SEO agency is best at it. They evaluate your business, your goals, your competitors and your website in order to increase visibility in searches.

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