Project Management Professional Certbolt Certification, the Way to Success

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Being certified means that you take your career seriously and are interested in developing your skills to provide high-quality services. Having this mark on your CV list, eases your way in landing on a good job. Certification Certbolt PMP proves how qualified you are in your experience and knowledge, for that reason it’s always worth earning it, if you for sure wish to excel in your career.

From this article, you’ll know about the role of the PMP certification for career of a project manager. Let’s move on!

About PMI PMP Certification

PMP (Project Management Professional) is a certification issued by PMI (Project Management Institute) for those candidates who need to validate their skills in managing projects. This badge boosts a person’s career since employers know that PMI is a worldly recognized certification body, and its Certbolt Certifications certified professionals are skillful and experienced. That’s why they are highly valued on the IT market. Recent research stated that nearly 2.2 million skilled managers will be required each year up until 2027. In the past, jobseekers have had an increase in their earnings to about 25% by being certified. According to PayScale’s research, with the PMI PMP credential, you can earn annually about $106,403 per year.

Why Project Managers Are MOST WANTED?

You have always heard about the term “most wanted” in different fields, but do you know who is the most wanted in management?

• Project managers are in high demand due to many reasons, as the world progresses to technological development, companies will require project managers to handle their projects. In return for an increase in revenues, cutting down cost and efficient planning.

• Without PMs, other managers are like playing in a game without a game plan. With no leadership, motivation and direction, there’s no business, that’s why project managers are so important in any company. They give fuel and speed to projects as well as control their completion. Therefore, PMP was recently ranked as a top project management certification by the famous IT and Technology magazine named Chief Information Officer (CIO).   

Top Skills PMs Possess

Professional project managers are able to direct teams towards a specific targeted goal. Plus, they discover how to stay calm under extreme pressure, tackle difficult situations, and have top-notch communication skills. In addition, they possess excellent negotiation and team-building skills. Moreover, they can foresee what can go wrong before it actually does.

How can you become a certbolt certified Project Management Professional?

You can gain the PMP badge by taking the PMP Certification Dumps exam through Pearson VUE testing center as now it’s taken online. The exam includes 200 multiple-choice questions that have to be completed within 4 hours. Note, that 25 questions won’t be scored, as they are pre-test, but all questions are placed randomly, that’s why you won’t know which question won’t be scored.

How much does the PMP certification cost?

To be precise, around

  • U.S $405 for the PMI members
  • U.S $555 for non-members.

This is why the PMI PMP certification is a real treasure for Project Managers and if you are taking it, devote much time to your preparation as well as plan this process effectively.

Can everyone be a certbolt certified Project Management Professional?

Well, there is an eligibility criterion for becoming a PMP.

Eligible candidates must have, either

● A four-year degree with 36 months’ experience of leading projects and 35 hours of project management education or training/CAPM credential.


● A high school diploma with 60 months’ experience of leading projects and 35 hours of project management education or training/CAPM badge.


Since project managers are important in developing business, being real professionals is the key to success. Such specialists need to possess top-notch skills validated by the trusted organization. That’s why PMI PMP certbolt certification is the best variant for that. Pass the PMP exam, earn the worldly recognized badge and boost your career in project management. Wish you success.

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