What is the difference between web design and web development?

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While many people consider web design as only designing and web development as coding, these two processes are much more than that. In the additional text, Chicago web development company will distinguish and explain the similarities and differences between these two practices and their specific roles in the constitution of the website. As they are two different expertise that requires specific skills it’s important to understand the particular assistance they provide.

Fundamentally, web design stands for visual approach while web development obtains the technical side.

What is web design?

Web design is a major contributor to the general user experience. This is why web design is commonly known as UX design.

The crucial task of web design is to turn the idea and story of how the website is conceived into an actual website appearance. The job of the web designer is to create a glance and feel of the website through model design before the web developer starts coding and programming.

Constructing pleasant and effective web design is challenging and demanding work. Web designer plans the development of appearing and functional interface. Without a web design project containing a plan of potent interface and user experience, web development is insufficient for a successful site.

Web designers have to understand the wishes of the website company, website purpose, companies target audience and other important related characteristics that impact the overall website look. Effective web design grants a clear and understandable website interaction. Visualizing the design concept undergoes draft sketching, following wireframe and layout before reaching the final design.

Web design covers the following fields:

  1. Graphic design
  2. Branding
  3. Design of logo
  4. Web layout
  5. Placing of call-to-action buttons
  6. Determination of color pattern
  7. Typography

The product of web design is the appearance of the website that visitors perceive on their screens on mobile devices or computers. Literally, it is the face of the website. With its attributes web design help in delivering the digital experience of the website.

What is Web Development?

Web development is the step in building a website that breathes life into web design ideas into a perfectly functional site. Web developers build practical features in an aesthetic framework established by web designers. To put it simply, without web development components, web design is a noninteractive look of the website. Web programmers incorporate web languages and elements that coverts static web design layouts into dynamic ones.  Because of its role to make the website actually work, it’s considered a “behind the scenes” constituent. Web developers make the web designers’ visions come to life and the button images work when the user clicks.

 Web designers use various tools, software, and web languages to create a website.

There are two kinds of web development:

Front-end development is the visual side of web development. It works with three major development languages that provide the ability to create ate a full-fladge website and are considered as the bridge between web design and back-end development.:

  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • JavaScript (JS)

Back-end development is the more functional side of web development than the front-end. The back-end development controls the data and server requests. Dynamic data websites necessitate full-fledged back-end service, additionally, it requires a database connection.

Languages that back-end development use is:

  • PHP or ASP.NET
  • SQL or MYSQL (for writing database queries)

Web design and web development similarities and differences


Both web design and web development are crucial techniques demanded in creating a website. These two factors are closely related and work together in achieving a prosperous website. Web designers and web developers have to have programming knowledge, although in diverse aspects, and must be aware of the possibilities and capabilities of the other branch. As they are working closely together they test design ideas and functionality to establish the best variant that will fit the website. Well-implemented web design and web development produce a cohesive impression that contributes to business success.


Web designers and web developers share few matching skills, nonetheless, their both have their own expertise to master. Dissimilarity in working fields requires specific competencies.

Additionally, web designers require creativity in a visual sense, following current trends and being acquainted with clients’ cultures, while web developers have to behold emerging software developments, technology, and techniques. While web designers focus on the esthetical aspect of the website, web developers focus on practicability.

Final Thoughts

As we can see, although different processes of creating a website, web design and web development are banded and non-existing without one another. Each has to understand and know the principles and feasibilities of another. A unique layout combined with excellent configuration provides an imposing user experience that serves its purpose which is to elevate conversion and business.

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