Examples of 9 Successful eCommerce Websites Using Shopify Plus

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Launching an ecommerce store can be challenging, but the work isn’t over when it’s up and running. Once it comes time to scale, business owners need to figure out how to scale effectively, expand into international markets, or handle a higher sales volume.

Fortunately, Shopify Plus is designed to do just that. With tools like unlimited staff accounts, a fully customized checkout experience, and multiple country website variants, Shopify Plus helps business owners with every aspect of scaling their business.

Check out these 9 examples of successful ecommerce websites using Shopify Plus and let it inspire you.

1. Unconditional

Unconditional is a unique London-based Shopify store that combines laidback style with edginess. Selling menswear, womenswear, homeware, and accessories, Unconditional has a stunning site on Shopify Plus with well-organized collections and a streamlined shopping experience.

2. Bluebella

Bluebella is a fashionable lingerie and nightwear company with a more modern take on lingerie style and marketing. Using unconventional fabrics and trims for this fashion segment, Bluebella mixes the unexpected with the sensual. The site is well organized and features clear buttons for the collections, discounts, payment options, and more.

3. Millk

Millk sells baby clothes that range from infant to youth and includes tops, bottoms, dresses, onesies, and accessories. It also offers women’s clothing. Along with an inclusive range of products, Millk’s website is easy to navigate with simple, compelling copy and attractive images.

4. Boie

Boie features eco-friendly personal care products like toothbrushes and body brushes, all manufactured in the US. The Shopify Plus store is designed to streamline the shopping experience with a handy banner promoting the shipping discount, an informative blog, and value-packed bundles.

5. SIR

SIR is a bold, beautiful Australian Shopify Plus store that creates an idyllic atmosphere with its site. With photos of models in laid-back clothing lounging on the beach or in the water, SIR transports you to Australia’s wild coasts. You can also shop collections and social from SIR easily.

6. Taylor Stitch

Launched in 2010, Taylor Stitch features custom and tailored menswear for easy sophistication. The brand excels with user-generated content, such as customer stories and images from hurricane cleanups, weddings, fly fishing trips, and other unique experiences.


Founded in Austin in 2009, HELM is a classic, made-in-the-USA footwear brand that sells casual and work boots. The brand scaled quickly and now receives orders from celebrities like Ben Affleck. In addition to a beautifully designed site, HELM showcases its mission and values with transparency and pride on the site.

8. Marc Wenn

London-based Marc Wenn is a brand that sells luxury biker denim, backpacks, and Chelsea boots. For the founder, success came from getting a lot of brand awareness in the initial launch days using personalized emails and advertising.

9. Khara Kapas

Translated to “pure cotton,” Khara Kapas is a boutique that features clothing and fashions inspired by Indian culture. Emphasizing cotton and natural fibers, minimalistic design, and versatile prints, all of Khara Kapas’ products are produced in India but shipped worldwide with Shopify Plus.

Incredible Growth with Shopify Plus

Though these stores have wildly different styles and products, they have one thing in common – they show how powerful upgrading to Shopify Plus can be for your business. Get started with your own ecommerce store to see what Shopify Plus can do for you!

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