Web Design Framework – Which platform to pick to create a great website?

Web Design Approach

A website is the canter of all a company’s online activities. Hence, in the new digital world, a professionally developed and strategically constructed website is a must. And it actually takes precision in every area when it comes to web design and production. However, since the industry has multiple CMS platforms, it is difficult to find the best one. There are, however, some of the top CMS sites that are recognised for their unique features and services. The most popular ones you can find on the market are WordPress, Drupal, and Magento. But, in order for you to select the best for creating your website, it needs a strong and balanced comparison of all of these platforms. But, to get a clearer understanding, let us discuss each of these channels separately.

A list of platforms for web design to create a great website?

For WordPress

In particular, WordPress is the most popular content management system platform, as it controls 37% of all websites accessible on the internet as of 2020. However, as it hosts various writers and has a wide-ranging plugin library that makes content management simple and offers genius UI, these particular plugins and additional functionality are worth the cost. Another significant explanation why you should create your website using WordPress is that it is extremely scalable and user-friendly. However, when it comes to security, WordPress does not stand out as it does not follow the best strategies that help it a victim of hackers. It also does not support older versions of plugins and has a restricted range of interface choices.

About Drupal

You are more likely to know, talking about Drupal, that it is counted as one of the top three safest CMS platforms. It is also considered an excellent option for the development of complicated and specialised websites that demand the technological accuracy of developers. However, it may turn out to be the best choice if you are able to invest in quality Drupal production services. It allows you to handle considerably heavy traffic and higher data quality more easily thanks to its top-notch reliability and protection advantages. Moreover, since it has more than 2800 free community-contributed themes and a broad range of plugins, it can be the appropriate option for creating a custom website. Since it is an open-source website, it is continuously updated with fresh and technically important features of the new versions. In general, Drupal, with the aid of experienced ecommerce website developer India, can be the best option for creating large and efficient corporate websites as well as small pages.


Magento is now an open-source platform specialised mostly in developing websites for e-commerce. This is the reason why diverse scales of websites, including big, small, and online retailers, are commonly powered around the world. It also offers simple connectivity with third-parties and has many SEO features built-in. These websites are highly personalised as they allow multiple stores to be managed and optimise the user interface for better conversions as well. However, you must go for options like WordPress and Drupal if you want to create a website other than an eCommerce website. Since Magento is deemed better for the development of online retailers and e-commerce websites in particular. Taking all into account, we agree that all the choices you should explore for creating a great website for your company are well-versed. But by simply hire web developers from India, you can make the most of the method of creation and design. Well, as it is known as one of the leading web design and development companies specialising in all sorts of web development for CMS, including Drupal, WordPress, and Magento web development services, the web agency is all ready to support you. It has a team of highly qualified developers and designers and years of experience in achieving excellent results in all manner of diverse online projects.

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