6 Watch Brands To Get Luxury Watches From Other Than Rolex And Patek Philippe

Luxury Watches

Collecting watches is not only a hobby. If you dive into it headfirst, it could turn into a lifestyle. And once you become part of the community of watch collectors worldwide, it can become daunting to keep up with trends. That’s why it’s always wise to distance yourself from collectors’ usual style wherein they tend to favor the more expensive and popular brands to collect from.

Although having a Swiss watch brand too many in your collection would indeed signify great taste in craftsmanship; it also makes your collection region-centric. Swiss watch brands do hold the monopoly when it comes to luxury watches, but there are quite a number of brands from all over the world that have the same level. In this article, we’ve listed down some of the luxury watch brands you should get a new watch from if only to make your collection more interesting:


Not many know the long heritage that Breitling has, but Breitling is one of the oldest watch brands in the world for the uninitiated. It has proven itself worthy of being a collector’s brand, and in the few centuries that the company has operated, it has produced some true-blue classics. The Breitling Navitimer 8, for starters, is a watch that captures the brand’s core beliefs and principles. 

The original Navitimer revolutionized the slide bezel rule, and in the many iterations of the Navitimer since its inception, it has been the highlight feature of the watch. The in-house movement, the top of the line materials used for the watch, and the care that has gone through its manufacturing process all contribute to the final feel of a watch that’s always ready for everyday wear and tear. 


Tudor has always been compared to its big brother, Rolex. But the brand has had quite the phoenix rising trajectory in the past few decades, what with distinguishing itself from its bigger and more popular bigger brother while still taking some design and aesthetic inspiration from it. The result? Tudor watches that are drool-worthy and every inch luxury. 


Omega is in no means an underrated brand, what with its numerous laurels under its name. The brand is legendary for its Speedmaster and Seamaster product lines, made popular by the former being the only NASA-flight certified watch and the latter the watch of choice by James Bond. Omega is one of the few watch brands as well that has its own certification, because of the legendary level of technology they put into their watches.

So if you’re shopping for an Omega watch, what do you go for? Of course, the Speedmaster is an obvious choice. Look for the moon edition, or request to have it viewed. Ask for the Seamaster Planet Ocean and some Chronograph watches as well. If you’re looking for vintage Omegas, make sure that the watch you’re getting is manufactured before 1984.

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet is not a name that’s taken lightly in the watch industry. Like Breitling and Omega, it has the heritage and history behind it, and has the understated elegance of a brand that knows its customers, knows its strengths, and capitalizes on it. An AP watch is in no means affordable, but when you go on a deep dive into the brand’s history, you’ll understand why their watches are one of a kind!

Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko is the formidable Japanese-brand Seiko’s luxury arm, and if you’re looking for the distinctive Japanese attention to detail and care for the watch’s utilitarian function, Grand Seiko is the perfect brand to check out. The Spring Drive movement is invented and popularized by the brand, a self-winding movement that has a spring to power watches for longer periods of time.

Look for the classic Grand Seiko Caliber 9S, a manly, sturdy and sophisticated watch that has all the bells and whistles of a high-end timepiece. The pattern of the most recent 9S is a hypnotic radial pattern in brown, with an automatic movement under the hood. It has one of the most advanced manufacturing processes among watches, with parts that can tolerate the most sensitive of changes.


Junghans is a German watch company that has slowly and surely put its mark on the map. With a minimalistic approach to their watches, the brand is a breath of fresh air in terms of design and styling! The Max Bill Chronoscope from the brand is in a class of its own, a study in Bauhaus styling and the true-blue aesthetics of Junghans. The other lines from the brand are gorgeous by their own merit as well!

In A Nutshell 

Chances are, you are familiar with these brands before. But have you ever taken a second look at them? Maybe yes, maybe not, but the point is, if you still don’t have one watch from these brands, then it’s high time that you change that. These brands will not only deepen your taste level in watch collecting; it will also diversify what you can wear every day!

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