5 Edgy and Funky Watches You Can Add To Your Collection

Funky Watches

Watch collecting is a world that has so many layers. Watch collectors always focus more on the prestige of the watch they are buying rather than personal preferences. But now and then, these enthusiasts will break away from the top-tier watch brands to look for watches that are uniquely presented and manufactured. 

In this article, we’ve listed down some funky watches that anyone can add to their growing collection. These watches don’t have the price tag of their Swiss contemporaries, but what they lack in excessive marketing and luxury-market placement, they make up for individuality and uniqueness:

Gaga Milano Slim

Gaga Milano is one of those watch brands that usually go under the radar, not because the watches are sub-par and unremarkable, but the brand’s audience hasn’t grown to its full potential yet. The brand has a simple premise: put the elements of the olden times’ widely popular stopwatches and put it into a modern wristwatch. The brand, since its inception, has had quite the trajectory among new players in the industry.

To say that there is quite the extensive option of unique watches from this brand is an understatement, but the Gaga Milano Slim Steel takes the cake in a watch that you want to show off. The dial is filled to the brim with the rather whimsical and large numerals, and if you choose the one that has rainbow colors, it creates this look that’s very effervescent but still pared down elegantly.

Movado Face Watch

If you’ve ever heard of Movado before, you know that it is known for its extreme minimalism. Yep, you heard that right – Movado even takes the minimalism approach of some modern watch brands like Skagen into new heights. In all black, the Movado Face Watch is a great pick for anyone who likes to keep it subtle and elegant but still wants to keep their individualism intact. 

The orange hands are the only pop of color against the all-black dial, and the Swiss quartz inside that’s powering the timepiece is quite a quality part. Black-ion plated stainless steel complements the look cohesively, and the concave black dial with a dot completes a watch that is as bold as it is minimalist.

Casio G-Shock GSTB200-1A Watch

Casio is not known for its automatic or mechanical watches, but what the Japanese brand has perfected is how to make solar energy into powering some of the most rugged watches in the world. The G-Shock GSTB200-1A is a testament of that prowess, combining 200m of water resistance, full-on shock resistance, and app connectivity. 

With the GSTB200-1A, Casio did not stray away from its unique aesthetic of combining an analog clock with a digital one. The G-Shock line is as tough as the next man looking to weather some storms or explore the wild. You also get an automatic wireless Bluetooth connection, a dedicated mobile app, and a double LED light for the watch’s face and illumination. 

Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Automatic

Hamilton has been one of those stalwarts in the watch industry. And in the past few years, it rose as the face of Swiss watches that anyone could afford. Hamilton has the perfect mix of Swiss watchmaking heritage and American roots. The Khaki King is constantly rated as a great dress and sports watch. But while the Khaki Field King is a standard choice, the more interesting one to look at is the open heart automatic from the Jazzmaster line. 

The silver with an almost-clover but just one leaf dial exposes the movement that’s powering the watch from the inside, with the numerals perfectly complementing the styling. At 40mm, this is not the biggest of watches, but it perfectly sits on average wrists, even looking bigger in dainty ones. A crocodile-pattern leather strap completes the whole one-of-a-kind look. And did we mention the automatic movement has 80 hours of power reserve?

Stuhrling Original Executive Automatic Skeleton

If you want a watch that screams business but still is distinctive, check out the Original Executive Automatic Skeleton watch from Stuhrling. The New York-based brand has been churning quite several hits since its inception, and the Automatic Skeleton is part of its rising trajectory. 

The 44mm boardroom-worthy watch has a 22-jewel movement with a water resistance of 50 meters. The screw-down exhibition case back is paired with flume-style hands, the skeletonized dial exposing the inner working of the movement inside.


These edgy watches can be very subjective in terms of likability and saleability. So it all boils down to the buyer if the watch is ultimately a good purchase or not. But there’s no doubt, the ones listed here are quite top of the line in terms of their placement in the watch industry. Casio is an excellent brand for Asian markets, and Hamilton is fastly gaining popularity as the go-to brand for affordable luxury.

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