Want To Increase Insta Story Engagement? Follow These Poll Ideas

Insta Story Engagement

Got a new idea and want to see what people think of it? Add a poll on your Insta story to see what others think of it!

Fact check: Instagram stories have an average reach rate of 7.2% of your Instagram following!

Putting up polls on your Instagram story is a great way of getting people involved with your account. If you are having a business account, polls are a great way of finding out if your followers are on-board with your product ideas.

Stuck with the same old poll ideas? Don’t worry, I am here to provide you with some stunning poll ideas that will make your Instagram stories better and keep your audience engaged: 

#1 Play a quick round of trivia.

You can ask questions based on a wide variety of topics. But, make sure that the topics you choose are somewhat relatable to your audience. If the questions are based on topics that most of your audience cannot relate to, it’ll take the fun out of this activity. And For your polls to be engaging, the audience must find them fun to participate.

LEGO in its recent campaign to celebrate Harley Davidson, shared a Lego replica of the same and asked the users ‘How many Lego elements are in this life-size Model?’


If you are a business account, you can increase your followers’ engagement by announcing that you are conducting a giveaway of your products for people who answer all the questions correctly. This will encourage your followers to take part in the polls.

#2 Add a personal touch

Confused about what you are going to wear for the next family event? Or about what you want for dinner? Just put your options on your Insta story as a poll and let your followers decide for you!

When you put up polls to solve personal dilemmas, not only do they benefit you but are also super relatable for your followers. This helps you connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Business accounts can put up polls asking what people are expecting from their new products. This will help you to create products that your audience appreciates. Apart from that, it will benefit your business as you might get a real-time understanding of the products in demand.

#3 Hype things up!

The world is a showbiz. The more you hype things up, the better. Instagram stories are a great way to hype your audience for your upcoming plans.

If you are a content creator, you can add some intriguing images from your upcoming videos. Add polls along with these so that you get a fair idea of how anticipated are your new plans.

Make sure that you do not reveal too much before the actual release. This will make the audience lose interest. Try to build up the suspense by adding minute details about your content/product.

#4 Add links to your website

Want to increase traffic on your website? Instagram is an excellent platform to serve your purpose. Instagram introduced the feature of adding links to your stories back in 2017. This feature will help you to get people to visit your website.

You can add little details of the stuff on your website. Make it interesting to keep the people wanting more. Add polls with these details to see if you could engage them. Then add a link to your website in the next story. This will keep the followers hooked to your stories and increase traffic on your website.

#5 Get to know your followers

Put up polls that require your audience to tell you something about themselves. For example, ask a question about the kind of music they like, provide them with four options or maybe just add an emoji slider to make it fun.

Knowing your audience will help you create better content in the future. You will understand their likes and dislikes better.

#6 Remember to have fun!

Instagram polls need not always be a well-planned exercise to help your business or achieve your goals. The most important part is to have fun. Once in a while, put up polls about things unrelated to your business. This will help you unwind and increase the engagement of your followers.

Here’s what America’s Test Kitchen did in its story to know more about its audience:


Instagram stories are a great way to get followers. After all, there’s a reason why 500 million users now use Instagram stories everyday! Try to be as creative and original as possible and let the magic unfold! 😉

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